ISOFLEX is the original manufacturer of the passenger rail coach and translucent window insulation material, MONIFLEX.

We aim to be not only suppliers of insulation materials, but also the foremost rail coach specialist in Europe. We can recommend the best methods and equipment to help our customers optimise material use and production time.

Passenger rail vehicle insulation

MONIFLEX was developed and first patented in the 1930s and has been in constant use for over 60 years by the Scandinavian vehicle industry to insulate passenger rail vehicles. Over the years it has been refined and improved upon, particularly in the area of fire resistance.

MONIFLEX is made from the same natural raw material as paper – cellulose. In view of present concerns about the environment and the use of natural resources, MONIFLEX has re-emerged as the obvious choice in insulation materials. Advantages of using MONIFLEX include:

ISOFLEX manufactures the passenger rail coach and translucent window insulation material, MONIFLEX.
MONIFLEX is an environmentally friendly choice of insulation for rail passenger vehicles.
MONIFLEX is suitable for applications where resistance to humidity and vibrations in combination with low weight are needed.
MONIFLEX can be cut with an ordinary long-bladed knife and is easy to install.
  • Lightweight and rigid
  • Impervious to humidity and moulding
  • Recyclable and fundamentally biodegradable
  • Easy and economical to cut and handle
  • Non-toxic and non-fibrous
  • Long lifecycle

As MONIFLEX consists of transparent sheets of insulation, it can be used for any application where resistance to humidity and vibrations in combination with low weight are important.

Economical rail vehicle insulation

Traditionally, MONIFLEX has been the material of choice among manufacturers of passenger rail coaches and trams. Thousands of coaches throughout Europe have been built or refurbished using MONIFLEX as primary insulation.

With the introduction of high-speed trains, the weight saving that is possible with MONIFLEX has contributed to its popularity. Add to that the ease with which MONIFLEX can be worked and installed, coupled with the recyclability at the end of the life of the vehicle, it is the most economical insulation alternative.

Installation of rail vehicle insulation

Regardless of thickness, MONIFLEX can easily be cut with an ordinary long-bladed knife, meaning no protective equipment is needed during the installation. A special table with horizontal and vertical rulers is available to facilitate cutting.

MONIFLEX should be installed slightly compressed with as few joints as possible. The pleats may run in either direction but we recommend that the outermost layer (facing the external wall) has vertically running pleats to facilitate drainage of moisture.

Transparent insulation for rail passenger vehicles

Our MONIFLEX A material provides transparent insulation for rail passenger vehicles. For more than 60 years, we’ve helped the rail industry optimise energy use in their rail passenger vehicles. Today’s rising energy costs usually make the investment pay-back time very short. The main application is the insulation of ribbon windows.

For further information and technical documentation / certificates regarding MONIFLEX A material, please contact ISOFLEX.