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Indupol International

Composite Parts for Railway Cars


Indupol International performs mould and model making, prototyping and mass production of high-grade and innovative composite solutions for the transport industry.

The company manufactures lightweight parts for city buses, trucks, motorhomes, trams, trains, subway cars, agricultural vehicles and ships.

Its composite materials are delivered ready for assembly, and allow easy customisation.

Composites in public transportation

Indupol produces a wide variety of composite parts for trains, trams and subway cars.

These range from simple coverings to intricate driver desks, small side skirts to complete front / rear train ends, as well as sanitary units in a range of coloured gel coats.

Lightweight composite constructions increase safety and decrease the weight of trains and trams, while high-end composite materials can be used to replace metal parts.

Indupol’s composite components show exceptional durability under adverse mechanical and weather conditions.

The company is certified according to all regular safety and measurement requirements, and holds IRIS, ISO 9001 and bonding certificates.

Production of composite parts for rail systems

Indupol’s R&D department focuses on developing more efficient high-end production processes that are tailored to fit its customers’ requirements.

The company offers a variety of production and finishing techniques, including hand lay-up and fibre spray-up procedures, resin injection molding, resin-transfer moulding (RTM) and vacuum infusion.

Indupol also applies chemical-resistant and anti-corrosion coatings, integrates metal or electrical components, and carries out professional varnishing services in its state-of-the-art paint shop.

Indupol works with a wide range of materials, including polyester, polyurethane (PU), surface finishes with any PU structural coating, and substances reinforced with glass, carbon or aramid fibres.

Plug-and-fit systems

Indupol integrates ‘plug-and-fit systems’ into composite products, either in its certified bonding department or one of its assembly lines.

For example, air vents and cable harnesses can be fitted into the side panelling for trams and trains to make assembly easier later on.

Custom dies, moulds and spare parts

Indupol produces and maintains custom moulds and dies that guarantee the quality of finished components.

The company offers spacious storage facilities and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which allows Indupol to quickly reproduce new spare parts long after the initial production run.

About Indupol

Indupol uses the best possible processes to produce its composite components, and clearly and transparently communicates the progress of projects to its clients.

The company aims to distinguish itself with excellent customer service, adaptability and a drive for continuous improvement. Indupol is always looking for ways to optimise its production methods and solutions.

High-end composite parts can be produced at Indupol’s facilities in Belgium or Slovakia.

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