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Modular Seating Systems for the Transport Industry

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GRAMMER specialises in the development and production of components and systems for automotive interiors, including suspension driver and passenger seats for onroad and offroad vehicles.

The commercial vehicles division comprises solutions for trucks, offroad seat segments, trains and buses.

Seating systems for public transport vehicles

GRAMMER Rail and Bus is the leading provider of seating systems for trains and buses.

GRAMMER is a comprehensive supplier of customised, modular seating systems for transport vehicles.
The company’s solutions are suitable for trains and buses.
All seating systems are individually designed according to client requirements.
GRAMMER's seats are designed for optimal durability, flexibility and ease of use.
Our seating systems are designed according to functional and ergonomic characteristics.
We aim to reduce costly maintenance and idle times while optimising return on investment.

As a comprehensive supplier of passenger and driver seats for public transport services, we offer a full range of seats for long-distance, premium, regional, intercity and city travel applications.

In addition, GRAMMER provides customised solutions that offer high levels of comfort, ergonomics, design, modularity, safety, connectivity and economic efficiency.

Modular and customisable seating solutions

GRAMMER offers customisable solutions with modular designs, combining high functionality with extensive adjustability and a modern look.

Clients can add or replace carry-over parts such as armrests, footrests, tables, bases, pivots, reading lamps or USB connections, ergomechanic features and comfort upgrades.

This allows countless different combinations for individually designed seats, providing optimal comfort.

High-quality, reliable seats for public transport

GRAMMER pays close attention to our customers’ needs and requirements from the product development phase.

With high-quality production, craftsmanship and exclusive materials, we fulfil customers’ requirements. Our customers’ high level of satisfaction with our innovative seating systems forms the basis for our longstanding market success.

GRAMMER’s modular design offers high value for money due to reduced technical risks and development times.

Clients can also replace all components of the company’s seating systems within a short space of time if necessary, minimising expensive maintenance and idle times.

Optimum passenger support and comfort

GRAMMER makes effective use of our synergistic expertise in our cross-sector pre-development phase, incorporating ergonomic knowledge that we have derived from collaborative activities with researchers.

Our seating systems are designed according to functional and ergonomic aspects, offering optimum support for passengers. We combine ergonomic precision with perfect design, created in collaboration with internationally renowned industrial design offices.

Customer service and quality assurance

GRAMMER’s seats are designed for maximum durability, flexibility and ease of use.

All components can be replaced within a very short timeframe, and with its tailored logistics ensuring just-in-time deliveries, our global operations network ensures that we can service our customers. As a result, we make a decisive contribution to reducing costly maintenance and idle times.

We ensure all aspects of our products are addressed seriously and our team is happy to talk to you at any time about retrofitting, redesign, maintenance and the delivery of spare parts.

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