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Sheet Plastic Thermoforming and Fabrication

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General Plastics manufactures sheet plastic fabrications for the mass transit industry. This includes products such as seat backs, arm rests and tray tables.

Thermoplastic products for the rail, bus and aircraft industries

General Plastics’ products are formed from thermoplastic materials which offer a number of benefits to customers. They are lightweight when compared to other options, and adhere to flame, smoke and toxicity safety standards.

The need for painting and gel coating is removed, as the company can offer monolithic coloured sheet matched to customer specification, as well as pre-laminated sheet for pattern, clean ability and chemical resistance for example Tedlar.

The bus industry is one of General Plastics’ largest markets. It produces components for the interior and exterior of buses.
General Plastics uses a range of modern technology and has state-of-the-art five axis CNCs and robots.
The company has three large rotary vacuum forming machines and can produce up to 6ft x 10ft parts.
General Plastics produce many components for the rail industry, including seat backs, armrests, tray tables, window masks and interior wall components.

The company also has the ability to pressure form textures and mask areas where textures are not desired.

General Plastics use state-of-the-art machinery, processes and materials and can offer opportunities for cost reductions, part consolidations and elimination.

Sheet plastic fabrication processes

General Plastics utilises innovative approaches to sheet plastic fabrication, such as; thermoforming, vacuum forming, pressure forming, fabrication and turnkey assembly.

Products manufactured could include window masks, side shrouds, close-out panels, handicap seating, foot rests, ceiling panels, cab components, as well exterior impact panels.

With components that require assembly for a finished good or for rigidity requirements, General Plastics can provide these solutions complete with addition of metal components, hinges, locks, additional plastic components secured with the use of traditional fasteners or structural adhesives.

Design and process management

As well as products for the mass transit industry General Plastics can also offer design assistance, prototype tooling and production and CNC and robotic routing.

The company perform quality and process management, assembly and secondary management, inventory control, and can provide turnkey solutions

Whether your project involves a single part or multiple components General Plastics can offer insights to assist with a design, from concept to reality.

Products for other industries

In addition to the mass transit industry, General Plastics provides components and turn key products to a range of other industries. For example the company can manufacture hoods, covers, panels and guards for construction and harvesting equipment, and tractors.

General Plastics also produce bathroom fixtures, lamp-shades, sky light / lighting diffusers, marine and heavy truck covers, equipment for the fitness industry, spa equipment, casino gaming items, and equipment for the food and beverage industry.


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General Plastics Inc.
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