Forbo Flooring Systems designs and manufactures a wide variety of commercial floor coverings for use in the transport and railway industries.

Forbo Flooring products include the natural and environmentally preferred Marmoleum, a broad range of project vinyls, step sustainable slip-resistant safety flooring and Flotex flocked flooring, a hard-wearing alternative to textile floors. In addition, Coral entrance matting systems, adhesives, welding rods and other flooring installation materials provide complete system solutions for the transport industry.

Natural, sustainable flooring linoleum

Forbo Marmoleum flooring has the lowest environmental footprint, carries the most independent, LCA-based environmental labels and certifications, offers a dynamic colour palette and provides a 100-year-plus track record of performance and durability. Marmoleum sets a benchmark unmatched in the resilient flooring industry.

Marmoleum is made from natural, renewable raw materials in a sustainable production process and is available in tile and sheet formats. Marmoleum has the added benefit of permanent, natural properties that kill MRSA, is naturally anti-static, R10 slip rated and features Topshield for easy, low-cost cleaning. Marmoleum is ISO 14001:2004 accredited.

Forbo Flooring Systems designs and manufactures a wide variety of commercial floor coverings for use in the transport and railway industries.
Marmoleum offers unique design possibilities as it is available in a wide range of colours and design patterns.
Surestep PUR is a floor covering that is tough, highly durable and wear resistant.
Flotex combines the practicality of a resilient flooring with the slip-resistant and acoustic properties usually associated with textiles.
Research shows that Coral Duo retains 10% more dirt in the first few metres than any other textile entrance flooring system, which makes it an ideal choice for entrances.

Sustainable slip-resistant step flooring for trains

Forbo step sustainable slip-resistant safety flooring offers the ideal solution for areas requiring increased slip-resistant surfaces such as train and tram entry points, wet areas and commercial catering facilities.

Step safety flooring combines functionality, durability and low maintenance with creative flexibility that allows the same colour to run through all slip-resistant ratings R10, R11, R12. Step flooring complies with the slip requirements of AS/NZS 4586 and EN 13845.

In addition the Step range offers products with increased electrical resistance to EN 1081 (R1 and R2) and is ISO 14001:2004 accredited.

Heavy-duty project vinyl flooring

Forbo project vinyls are the hard-wearing compact options required for general-purpose areas where high visuals mixed with heavy-duty performance is required. All collections are R10, include PUR pearl surface finishes for low lifecycle costs and offer a variety of wood, stone and all over patterns. All vinyls are ISO 14001:2004 accredited.

Flocked vinyl flooring

Forbo Flotex is a hard-wearing, 100% waterproof, easy-to-clean vinyl-based product with a textured surface reminiscent of carpet but without the drawbacks of pile crush and dirt absorption. It is permanently sanitised, gives constant anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection, and carries approvals from the British Allergy Foundation and Sensitive Choice.

R12 slip-resistance, acoustic dampening properties of up to 20dB and a huge 340-plus colour and design choice in tile and sheet formats makes this an exceptional flooring option. New options are now available and complement other Forbo ranges. Forbo Flotex is ISO 14001:2004 accredited.

Coral entrance matting systems

Stopping up to 90% of dirt entering the institution is Forbo Coral, the world’s most widely used, high-performance ‘clean off’ entrance matting system. The Coral collection has products for three zones – outside the building entrance, through to and including the circulation area. R12, anti-static and PVC backed (no rubber migration) coral thrives with easy, low-cost cleaning and can reduce costs by 67%. Design flexibility is assured with 71 colours across five ranges.

For more than 100 years, inspired by the world around us, Forbo Flooring Systems has been producing floor coverings in state-of-the-art production processes, designed to minimise the impact on our environment.