Be-Ge Savas Seating BV is a provider of seating solutions for the railway industry, supplying driver seats for high-speed train, shunting locomotive, tram and subway applications.

Ergonomic train driver seats

We create comfortable, durable seating that has been ergonomically designed in collaboration with medical experts, as well as consumers and vehicle manufacturers.

Standard seat models are available with additional options such as fireproof fabric and foam, adjustable seat bases, turntables, and horizontal shock absorbers, making our solutions fully customisable.

We aim to provide reliable, professional, creative and flexible products, in addition to safe seating solutions.

Be-Ge SAVAS Seating designs chairs that are specialised for train drivers.
We have created a new range of train driver seats optimised for comfort.
Our customisable seating solutions are used across industry sectors.

Customised railway seats for enhanced driver safety

Seats that are suitable for train, tram or metro drivers must meet specifications unique to each different cabin or cockpit.

We can customise our models for optimised ergonomic control operation and ideal sight lines for train drivers, with a key focus on safety.

In addition to our high standards of quality, we ensure that our products comply with stringent European and national safety guidelines, creating specialised seat configurations with security as a priority.

Seating maintenance and repair

Be-Ge Savas Seating’s maintenance and repair department is unique, featuring the only on-site mechanics service. Maintenance can take place internally, as well as on location, carried out by skilled technicians with the use of manuals and spare parts documents.

We can offer a maintenance and repairs contract where corrective and preventive methods can be agreed.

About Be-Ge SAVAS Seating

Be-Ge Savas Seating is based in the Netherlands, as a part of the Be-Ge Seating Division. The Be-Ge Group is a leading manufacturer of seats for all types of vehicles.

Our group portfolio includes driver and auxiliary passenger seats, as well as office and surveillance seats.

Our solutions are developed, manufactured and marketed all over the world by the Be-Ge Seating Division, operating in Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, and France.

Formerly known as Savas Quality Seating, we have been manufacturing driver seats for more than 50 years. Be-Ge railway driver seats are now used in trains and trams across the world. Our worldwide customer base has made us a market leader in the railway industry.

We believe that everyone should always have a comfortable seat provided by Be-Ge SAVAS Seating, so all of our seats are adjustable for the perfect fit. We are always seeking to develop and improve our range.