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Railway Electronics Monitoring and Control Systems

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Witt IndustrieElektronik supplies customised systems used in testing equipment and controls within railway and industry electronics.

Our team has more than 40 years of experience in creating electronic safety solutions and monitoring railway infrastructure for rail-bound transport systems. This includes regulation systems for railway tracks and points or overhead traction lines.

Digital monitoring solutions for railway voltages

A central element of the Witt products is the Witt Bridge, which links older networks of closed systems to the new digitised and connected networks. Witt Bridge offers a wide selection of inputs and outputs for data transfer.

Witt IndustrieElektronik is a provider of technologies used in monitoring railway electronics such as overhead traction lines.
Witt Bridge links out-dated systems with digital networks so that data can be easily shared.
The Earth Short Circuiting device monitors the currents circulating in tracks and automatically short circuits when voltage rises above set thresholds.
Earth Short Circuiting device registers the levels of potential and displays the information on network maps.
The electronic system evaluation records the wheels of trains as they accelerate over points for infrastructure maintenance.

Sensors measuring up to 3,000V can be integrated into the system. It is adaptable to a range of AC or DC networks and data is transmitted either through cable, WLAN or bus systems.

Short-circuit devices to regulating network voltages on rail lines

The Earth Short Circuiting (ESC) device automatically resets short-circuiting devices in accordance with EN 50122. ESC monitors the voltage of the return conductor and the earth and the non-parallel thyristors combined with the power contractor ensure that there is a short switching period and a high current-carrying capacity.

When the set voltage waveform is exceeded, ESC is activated. Instantly, the thyristors switch, the contactor closes within 90ms and the voltage drops.

ESC will keep the thyristors triggered until the device detects that the contractor is closed. Once this occurs, the thyristors are switched off and the contractor then takes over the current.

The product is also part of a rounded potential monitoring system. Most electrically powered railways use the track as a return conductor for the traction current. As this return conductor has an internal electrical resistance, the potential in this return conductor increases in line with the current.

Voltages must be monitored as they can become dangerously high. ESC can be used to monitor and handle potential levels accordingly.

The device registers the potential levels and displays them on a network map. This shows where potentials are below threshold and where thresholds have been exceeded.

Railway points electronic monitoring system

An electronic system evaluation (ESAH) was developed in partnership with Deutsche Bahn to monitor railway points with precision to ensure repeatability and cost-efficiency.

The system aims to identify early stages of points failures in order to plan maintenance and increase lifespan. This optimises component use and reduces noise when travelling over the points.

Tracks or wheels of passing trains are measured by the system during acceleration. These movements are of particular importance to the maintenance of key infrastructure components.

Witt IndustrieElektronik products are designed for use in adverse environments where surroundings are loud, dusty, hot or wet. We have made more than 400 different systems with more than 5,000 of our products installed.

About Witt IndustrieElektronik

We have operated as a professional business in providing railway, industrial electronics and other special developments with a sophisticated service since 1972.

Experienced members of our team assist our customers at all stages of their orders, from problem analysis, construction and development to the delivery of your new systems. This stems from our specialty in developing customised devices. Customers can also rely on a wide range of standard innovative components from our range.

Witt IndustrieElektronik carries out projects quickly and reliably thanks to professional project management and expert staff. We are able to complete short-term projects and work within set budgets while maintaining high-quality levels of service.

The quality of our products and services ensures long-term repeat business from customers.

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