Willamette Valley Company (WVCO) Railroad Division is the industry leader in providing innovative new railroad tie products and application systems for today's railroads. WVCO Railroad Division’s proprietary product, SpikeFast®, has quickly become the most sought-after and reliable product for plugging spike-holes.

Polyurethane wood spike-hole fillers and rail-seat repair products

WVCO Railroad Division also offers other railroad tie products for wood and concrete ties, and unique systems to accurately and consistently apply proven products. Its core competencies are:

  • Polyurethane wood spike-hole filler and concrete rail-seat repair products
  • High-performance coatings and containment barriers
  • Precision metering, dispensing and application equipment
  • A full R&D staff for new railroad products
  • Multiple manufacturing facilities

Spike-hole fillers

Performance tests commissioned by national railroads indicate that SpikeFast outperforms wood plugs, and urethane foams in both lateral resistance and pullout resistance. The test results show that SpikeFast is the leading spike-hole filler in the railroad industry.

SpikeFast scored high marks in tests such as spike insertion and withdrawal, where results indicated that SpikeFast's withdrawal force is equivalent to that of unspiked hardwood ties and nearly twice that of wood plugs and foam. SpikeFast also had high results in the lateral-resistance testing, where SpikeFast shows the resistance was 20% higher than that of previously unspiked hardwood ties.

Workers start up a new chassis while working on wood ties using SpikeFast.
WVCO Railroad Division's products work in all weather conditions.
The start up of a new chassis, working on wood using SpikeFast.
A new rail chassis.
A concrete rail-seat after WVCO Railroad Division's product has been applied.

Concrete rail-tie repair product

CTR-100 is an outstanding product that can repair rail-seats that have been damaged by rail-seat abrasion. This product is time-tested, meets railroad specifications, allows quick repair of damaged ties and gets trains back on the track with as little downtime as possible.

CTR-100 adheres to concrete and helps re-establish the cant back into the concrete tie while increasing the useful life of this valuable asset.

A rail-tie repair company

Today's modern railroads face diverse and unique challenges in daily maintenance projects. Let WVCO Railroad Division show you how easy it can be to repair your ties and get the best return on your investment.