Warwood Tool

Warwood Tool manufactures forged-steel, hand tools for the railway track maintenance industry. The company has an extensive line of railway track products ranging from claw bars and spike pullers, to sledgehammers and spike mauls.

Warwood Tool forges every track component by hand using 100% high-carbon, Grade B American steel, while meeting all required AREMA track tool specifications. The firm happily helps with custom designs, and ensures that every Grade B track tool is inspected by hand before shipping.

Spike mauls for railway tracks

Spike mauls are track tools that can be used for ramming, driving, or riveting applications. Their most common use is on track spikes.

Spike mauls can be used in many applications to drive spikes into track.
Warwood Tool’s sledgehammers are contoured for optimal driving.
Railway track claw (spike puller) bars are essential for railway spike removal.
100% American steel track wrenches provide proper leverage.
Warwood Tool’s track adzes’ steel blades stay sharp so clients always get the best cut.
The company’s handheld spike remover is available with four-ball grip options.
Track punches are the ultimate driving, riveting and backing-out tool.
Rusted bolts and steel are easily cut using Warwood Tool’s Grade B chisel.
The company’s railway clay picks easily drive through hard ground and rocks.
Rail tongs are strong, safe and reliable railway track movers.

Warwood Tool forges spike mauls out of both high-carbon 1060 steel and Grade B 9260 steel, can be outfitted with either fibreglass or hickory handles, and are available in multiple sizes and patterns.

Double-face track sledgehammers

Railway track sledgehammers supplied by Warwood Tool are made from the highest-quality Grade B American steel. They are individually hand-ground for a perfectly flattened striking face, and are evenly contoured on all sides to help prevent damage from miss-hits.

The company’s sledgehammers come in a range of sizes, from 2lb up to 20lb, and are recommended for driving, breaking, smashing or moving anything.

Railway track claw bars for removing railway spikes

Warwood Tool’s claw bars are the most useful track maintenance tools for removing spikes. The claw bars can be forged with one of three rocker heads to accommodate different size railway spikes, and have a forged chisel bit on the handle for leverage needs in tight spaces.

At 5ft-long, weighing 27lb, these are the ultimate leverage tools. They are precisely forged and tempered to ensure strength while prying, but also allow enough bend so the tool will spring back to form without snapping the shaft.

Single and double-ended rack wrenches

Warwood Tool track wrenches come in multiple sizes and styles to assist any torque or leverage needs. Track wrenches come in single-end and double-end varieties, and are both forged in similar fashion from singular pieces of high-carbon steel.

The company accommodates specific size requirements as these wrenches both come in at least five different opening sizes.

High-carbon steel rack adzes

Warwood Tool’s track adzes come in two blade variations for convenience and proper use on each track maintenance job. With all of its tools, the company’s adzes are forged out of high-carbon steel so clients know the blades will remain sharp and reliable between jobs.

Whether it is for cutting roots, moving dirt or splitting wood, these track maintenance adzes will always perform like new.

Railway spike pullers

When railway spikes or other removable pins are in hard to reach locations, or require manual handling, these spike pullers are the perfect solution.

Warwood Tool’s spike pullers are suitable for tight spaces and have four forged gripping balls along the length of the handle to give the user as much, or as little, leverage as needed. High-carbon American steel creates a spike puller with an opening that won’t break, a shaft that won’t bend, and gripping balls that won’t slip.

Track punches

Warwood Tool track punches are made out of AREMA-specified, Grade B high-carbon steel. They are reliable tools used in driving, riveting, and backing-out applications. The nose of the tool is elongated to access hard-to-reach places, but is forged and ground to ensure durability and reliability.

The back-end of the track punch is tempered and contoured so it can be struck with an appropriate sized hammer to add extra force to a blow if necessary.

Track chisels for bolt and rail removal

This high-carbon, alloy-steel chisel is the perfect tool for cutting rusted bolts, old rail, or any stubborn metal parts that need removed.

Warwood Tool Track chisels have a beveled blade on one end and a flat face on the other. The blade end is forged and hand-ground to ensure sharpness and durability, while the flat face is tempered and contoured to be struck with a hammer for extra cutting power.

Railway clay picks

Railway clay picks are extremely versatile tools, and come in a variety of five different sizes (ranging from 5lb to 9lb).

Each end of the pick is individually forged, tempered and ground. One side is created with a chisel bit for breaking larger pieces of rock and earth, while the other end is formed with a sharp pick point for deeper digging and leverage.

Rail tongs

Rail tongs are a safer way of moving railway track. When smaller pieces of track need to be moved, rail tongs can be used to safely grip and secure the section of rail that is to be moved in to place.

These tongs are forged from high-carbon steel to ensure the grippers don’t break and the handles don’t bend.