Vortok creates unique solutions to track maintenance, signalling and stressing problems. For over 20 years they’ve been designing award-winning solutions for clients with particularly tough challenges.

The focus on quality, safety and cost is why companies like Network Rail, Deutsche Bahn, Siemens and Thales choose Vortok to design and manufacture rail engineering technology. Vortok supplies over 100 products, all designed to increase productivity, reduce possession times and improve railway and worker safety.

Rail stressing products

A range of internationally acclaimed rail stressing products, including:

  • Vortok stressing rollers: 44% reduction in installation and removal time. Lasting ten times longer than conventional under rollers
  • VERSE: the only internationally accredited and accurate way of measuring stress free / neutral temperature. Costs less than 5% of a traditional cut, measure and reweld
  • Stressing gauge: saves time and money, is quick and simple to use and suitable for all rail profiles and stressing jobs
  • Vortok measure and detect: continuously and accurately monitors stress free / neutral temperature, rail core temperature and strain. Low cost and no possession time

Signalling products

A focus on operational efficiency and reliability has resulted in a high quality, cost-effective product range, including:

Vortok measure and detect sensor technology solves a range of track maintenance, signalling and rail stressing problems.
VERSE is the most reliable and low cost method of checking rail is at the correct stress free / neutral temperature.
The balise / transponder mounting system saves on manpower costs, eliminates the need for possession time and extends the life of sleepers.
Safety barriers that reduce possession times and significantly improve worker safety.
The Vortok stressing roller won the Queens Award for Industry in the Innovation category.
  • Balise / transponder mounting system: possession not required for installation, reduces maintenance time and extends the life of sleepers
  • Vortok measure and detect: low cost multi-function sensor suitable for axle counting, train speed and direction verification
  • AWS magnets: a robust, low-maintenance range of magnets that can be installed in minutes
  • Cableguard: quick-to-install solution that prevents cable damage between the sleeper and rail, particularly during tamping and other maintenance activities

Track maintenance products

Vortok’s rail track maintenance products are known for reducing or eliminating possession times and increasing workforce safety. They include:

  • Vortok safety barrier: safer working, higher track speeds and lower possession times
  • RotorRail switch rollers: eliminate the need for possession time and the need for maintenance
  • Vortok measure and detect: sensing technology is used for wheel flat detection, bogie hunting, stress free / neutral temperature monitoring, core rail temperature, strain monitoring of rail, bridges and ground disturbance
  • Vortok coil and wedge: the internationally proven method of repairing loose screwspikes which requires no possession time

Awards and accreditations

Vortok is proud to have acheived awards and accreditations, including:

  • 2011- Level one status (outstanding) awarded by Siemens: balise / transponder mounting beams. The highest level of accreditation given by Siemens Transportation
  • 2010- Queens Award for Industry in the Innovation Category: this globally respected award recognises achievements with the Vortok stressing roller
  • 2010- Level Q1 status with Deutsche Bahn: the highest quality award German railways can give for product supply. Vortok has held this status for over ten years
  • 2008- National Rail Awards – Innovation of the Year: recognises the Vortok stressing roller for its contribution to process improvement and worker safety
  • 2002– Alstom Innovation Award in Safety: recognises the contribution of the Vortok safety barrier system to workforce safety and security