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Complete Railway Lifecycle Services and CBTC Technology

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Traffic Control Technology (TCT) is a leading rail transit solution provider in China. The company supplies full lifecycle services, with a focus on communications-based train control (CBTC) technology and independent intellectual property rights. Specialist services include research and development (R&D) of urban rail transit signalling system and key equipment, system integration, general contracting, and maintenance of signalling systems and other technical services.

In addition, TCT provides urban rail transit systems such as full automatic operation (FAO), interoperable communications-based train control (I-CBTC), urban rail Cloud and train intelligent detection system (TIDS).

The company’s services cover standard establishment, theoretical research, system design, product development, intelligent manufacturing, test and verification, project implementation, training, and operation maintenance. This includes the full lifecycle service and guarantee of rail transit signalling systems.

Hanoi Metro Cat Linh-Ha Dong Line: I-CBCT.
National demonstration project in China of full-automatic operation system on the Yanfang Line.
Beijing Daxing International Airport Express fully automatic operation line operating at 160km/h.
National rail transit interconnectivity demonstration project in China on the Chongqing Rail Transit Loop Line.
CBTC moving block project of Shuozhou-Huanghua Railway.

TCT was founded in December 2009, has served 55 routes in 29 cities around the world, with an accumulated operating mileage of 2,110km.

I-CBCT installation at Hanoi Metro Cat Linh-Ha Dong Line

TCT installed an I-CBCT signalling solution at Hanoi Metro Cat Linh-Ha Dong Line to aid network extension and interline operations. The signalling system set an open foundation for Hanoi Metro Network and made future interoperable line operation possible, which will increase operational flexibility and efficiency, as well as reduce costs.

TCT established a local project department to enable local employees to participate in the whole process, including design, equipment installation, system commissioning, on-site testing, management, and safety.

Full-automatic operation system demonstration on the Yanfang Line

The Yanfang Line in China was upgraded to GoA4 in 2019 to allow trains to operate safely without the need for a driver in the cab. TCT’s technology allows the train to leave the depot automatically following self-inspection and operate on the main line according to the timetable.

Functions include inter-station driving, accurate stop, automatic door opening/closing, departure, and automatic maintenance such as return, washing and dormant.

Driverless operation system for Beijing Daxing International Airport Express

TCT has equipped the Beijing Daxing International Airport Express with its independently developed FAO system for driverless operation. The line starts at Caoqiao Station in the north, passing Daxing Xincheng Station and ending at Daxing Airport. Operating at 160km/h, the line has a total length of 41km with a total journey time of 19 minutes.

National railway interconnectivity with I-CBTC

TCT’s interconnectivity autonomous technology and rail signalling systems are key, with I-CBTC becoming a breakthrough of world-class operation. The company performed a national rail transit interconnectivity demonstration project in China on the Chongqing Rail Transit Loop Line.

CBCT interconnectivity across the industry chain in China is beneficial as it promotes the networking operation and resource sharing of national urban rail transit.

Shuozhou-Huanghua Railway CBTC moving block project

CHN Energy Shuohuang Heavy Haul Railway completed its signalling upgrade with a CBTC moving block in June 2021, marking the first such installation in heavy haul rail.

TCT was the main technology developer and integrator, transforming CBTC moving block technology to serve heavy haul. The company also integrated time division long-term evolution (TD-LTE) wireless communication and the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System to the train repositioning function of the signalling system.

Official reports show the signalling upgrade improves operational efficiency significantly. Average departure interval decreases by 34% from 11 minutes to seven minutes 20 seconds, which will add 40 million tonnes to the annual transportation volume of the whole line. CBTC also reduces maintenance costs by approximately 20% and work intensity of operation and maintenance personnel.

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