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Drawn Stainless Wire and Armature Banding Wire Manufacture

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Siri Wire is an ISO certified supplier of stainless steel wire products and a leading manufacturer of armature banding wire. As a full service stainless steel wire re-draw house we have the controls in place to provide a non-magnetic, high tensile tin-coated stainless wire for refurbishing electric motors.

Armature banding wire, cold heading wire and spring wire manufacture

Siri Wire is a producer of cold heading wire, spring wire and many other types of cold drawn stainless steels. If corrosion resistance is necessary for a wire application, the chemical makeup of our austenitic stainless is an excellent choice. Other applications for our products include various fasteners, coiled springs, wire ropes, weaving wire, flat wire and shaped wire.

Tin-coated non-magnetic stainless steel for armature banding applications

For such a rigorous application, Siri Wire has the capabilities of producing the high tensile strength and non-magnetic properties required for the purpose of armature banding. To prevent the armature coil from jutting out, our wire is required to tightly bind around the armature. The tin plating we adhere to the surface works well with the soldering and neutral solvent allowing the wire to create the band. Magnetic permeability is also a key component to armature banding and our 300 series stainless meets the 4µ maximum required by many specifications. Repair shops and electric companies we have supplied in the past are very happy with the quality and package we can supply.

Cold heading quality wire

The cold heading quality (CHQ) wire is suitable for the production of screws, nuts, nails, bolts, ball bearings and other various fasteners and it is just one of the additional products we manufacture. For cold heading applications we are capable of many different alloys and chemistries, including 302HQ, 304L, 305, 316L, 410, 420 and 430. With our strand annealing Siri Wire can offer annealed at finish or annealed in process- all depending on the end use.

Tin-plated armature banding wire packaged on 75lb-100lb spools.
Cold heading wire used in various fastener applications.
With various drawing practices we can offer bright diamond drawn finishes.
Siri Wire can offer annealed at finish and annealed in process stainless wire.

Coiled spring wires

Siri Wire supplies 302, 316 and 17-7 wire for the production of coiled springs as per the ASTM standards.

Weaving wires for high-resistance to corrosion and bright surface finishes

The bright annealed wire used for weaving applications features high-resistance to corrosion and bright surface finishes for the production of conveyor belts, woven meshes and other high temperature environments.


Siri Wire Company
90 Wauregan Rd
Connecticut, 06239
United States of America

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