Road-rail vehicle

SaZ designs, manufactures and repairs specialised road and railway machinery for municipal transport authorities, firefighting and other rescue services, in addition to small companies that fix and maintain railway and tramway tracks.

Road-rail vehicles and rail infrastructure equipment

SaZ manufactures a wide range of road-rail vehicles (Hy-rail vehicles) with superstructures, and insulated and non-insulated scissor and telescopic aerial platforms. The company also produces flash butt welding machines, railway track layers and other machinery for rail maintenance.

SaZ also supplies rail trailers and carriers, transporting railway bogies, body superstructures and access ramps.

Specialised rail maintenance services

SaZ performs a wide selection of railway-specific services, including track welding, overhead line equipment (OLE) maintenance and renewals, railway track renovations and construction, track cleaning and vegetation control.

The Renault Duotram H hydrostatic road-rail vehicle is equipped with an insulated scissor-type elevating platform for applications on 1,000mm and 1,435mm railway gauge rails.
The Duo Tracktor HNJ Road-Rail vehicle features a RP 400 boom platform and hydraulic crane for railway gauge rails measuring 1,435mm or 1,520mm.
The DAF Welderliner Hy-Rail hydrostatic vehicle has a flash butt welder container for field conditions on 1,435mm or 1,520mm railway gauge rails.
The Mercedes Tramliner high-rail vehicle has an insulated boom L-shaped aerial platform and stowage compartments for tramway track maintenance, transportation of small materials and repairs.
The Iveco Daily Agoduo road-rail vehicle comes with emergency machinery and can carry up to seven operators. It can be equipped with containers, platform body or other superstructures.
The UniRoller 4x4 combined drive vehicle is universal rail-road vehicle features various superstructures, including hydraulic loading crane, loading platform, mobile workshop, water sprinkler and re-railing components.
The PTT 4500 road-rail one-axle cable trailer is equipped with wheel units built on swivelling half-axles.
SaZ’s special track layer bridge crane lays and removes 25m-long railway track on wooden or concrete sleepers weighing up to 20t.
The DAF Duo hy-rail friction vehicle can be equipped with ballast, front mounting plate, tanks and other superstructures.

The company also provide firefighting, re-railing and rescue services, in addition testing services and welding, machining, painting and other works.

Road-rail vehicles for elevated rail maintanence

SaZ provides tailor-made Hy-rail solutions according to the requirements of the client.

The DAF Duoliner road-rail vehicle is equipped with fixed platform, with loading capacity of 800kg. It also features a 22m hydraulic loading crane, which is located at the rear of the vehicle and is designed to handle loads or work with a basket.

The vehicle is designed for installing required equipment at certain heights, and operations on 1,435mm or 1,520mm railway gauge rails (adjustable railway gauge).

Rail vehicles for overhead line repairs

SaZ supplies a range of road-rail vehicles that are designed for OLE maintenance applications.

The Renault Duotram H road-rail vehicle is equipped with an insulated working platform for maintenance operations and catenary line repairs under live OLE. The scissor-type elevating platform enables full unlimited rotation around its axis.

Horizontal reach, size and loading capacity of the platform meet demanding requirements for maintenance work on catenary lines. The platform is remotely controlled, and can be opeated by a control panel in an emergency.

In addition, SaZ supplies the Duo Tracktor HNJ-RP road-rail vehicle, which is designed to ride on 1,435mm or 1,520mm gauge rails, and equipped with a RP 400 boom platform and hydraulic crane.

The RP 400 boom platform enables full unlimited rotation around its axis. Side reach, size and loading capacity of the platform meet all requirements for OLE maintenance. The elevating platform can be controlled remotely or via a mobile control panel.

The Mercedes Tramliner is equipped with an insulated boom platform (for work under live OLE) and stowage compartments. The vehicle is designed to ride and work on roads and tramway tracks, for maintenance operations, transportation of small materials, and repairs of live OLE, in compliance with all safety requirements.

It features an L-shaped platform basket provides access to the catenary support.

Road-rail vehicles for welding applications

The DAF Welderliner road-rail vehicle is equipped with a flash butt welder container, and is designed for welding in field conditions.

Both hydraulically driven, double-axle rail gears are located behind the road axles. The vehicle is equipped with optional remote-control drive capabilities, and service, parking and emergency brakes.

The rear rotational rail bogie with microdrive enables easier on-tracking, and the welding unit guarantees quality.

Superstucture-equipped road-rail vehicles

The Iveco Daily Agoduo is suitable for emergency operations, which is capable of carrying seven operators.

The vehicle can be equipped with platform body featuring tiltable side plates, container or other superstructures, and a locking mechanism maintains the required height of the front axle tyres above the rail head.

The Daily Agoduo is made of a friction rubber-steel, where drive is achieved by friction of rear tyres on the rails.

The Uniroller 4×4 has a drum-driven R/R system that can be equipped with various superstructures. These include working / loading platforms, hydraulic loading cranes, water sprinklers, sprayers mobile workshops, and rescue vehicle with re-railing equipment.

The Uniroller can be equipped with a frame for quick superstructure exchange using stabilisers, and can be quickly tracked for maintenance work on and off railway tracks, with various superstructures and low operation and service costs.

Road-rail cable trailers

The PTT 4500 Duotram road-rail cable trailer is one-axle trailer equipped with wheel units assembled on swivelling half-axles, with a vertically adjustable trailer coupling. It can be equipped with different types of main lifting units control mechanisms.

Track layer vehicles

The high-productivity PKP 25/20 railway track layer is based on a road-rail vehicle and capable of laying 25m-long track segments.