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Road-Rail Vehicles for Track Maintenance

SaZ is one of the leading suppliers of road-rail vehicles in both the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

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SaZ s.r.o. specialises in the design, production, and repair of road and railway machinery, including road-rail vehicle superstructures, insulated and non-insulated scissor and telescopic aerial platforms, Flash Butt Welding machines, railway track layers, and other track maintenance machines. Its product range includes rail trailers and carriers, railway transport bogies, body superstructures, access ramps, and more. These products can be used to assist with rail welding, overhead line equipment (OLE) maintenance and renewals, railway track renewals and construction, track cleaning, and vegetation control, as well as fire-fighting and other rescue services.

In addition to its line of railway machinery, SaZ also produces steel structures and offers other services, including testing, welding, machining, painting, and more.

SaZ s.r.o. ranks among the main suppliers in both the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, with export markets all over the world, including the EU, Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Azerbaijan. The company works with a range of international construction companies, municipal transport authorities, fire and rescue services, and smaller companies that carry out maintenance and repair work for railway and tramway tracks. SaZ works closely with customers to create tailor-made solutions that suit a variety of different needs.

Road-rail vehicles

SaZ supplies a range of road-rail vehicles, including the CONTILINER IC, IT DUOLINER, WELDERLINER, R DUOTRAM H, UniRoller S, DUOLINER MIJ, FRILINER SIV-M, DUOLINER FF, and GENIE DUO.

CONTLINER IC. Road-rail vehicle CONTILINER IC is equipped with a container platform superstructure with ISO locks. A hydraulic lifting device is installed at the rear of the vehicle.
IT DUOLINER. Road-rail vehicle IT DUOLINER is equipped with a double-scissor elevating work platform, designed for maintenance operations on railways, and a hydraulic loading crane installed at the rear of the vehicle. It also features a measuring pantograph.
WELDERLINER. Road-rail vehicle WELDERLINER is equipped with a flash butt welder container designed for welding in field conditions. Double-axle rail gears are located behind the road axles and the rear rotational rail boogie uses micro-drive for easier on-tracking.
R DUOTRAM H. Road-Rail vehicle R DUOTRAM H is designed for driving and working on the road and on railway and tramway tracks. It is specially designed for work on overhead lines.
UniRoller-S. Road-Rail rescue vehicle UniRoller-S 4x4 is an emergency rescue vehicle designed to drive on road and on rails. The rail gear is quickly adjustable for railway gauge between 1435mm and 1520mm.
DUOLINER MIJ. Road-Rail vehicle DUOLINER MIJ is designed for working on bridge structures and performing diagnostics and detailed inspections of both road and railway bridges.
FRILINER SIV-M. The road-rail vehicle FRILINER SIV-M is designed for inspecting switches using measuring devices installed on the vehicle.
DUOLINER FF. Road-Rail vehicle DUOLINER FF is designed for fire interventions on the road, as well as national, regional, and siding railway tracks.
GENIE DUO. Road-rail working platform GENIE DUO is designed for repairing overhead lines at railway stations and railway lights. In road mode, it is designed for working at height for protective painting and other maintenance work.

The CONTILINER IC vehicle is equipped with a container platform superstructure and ISO locks. A hydraulic lifting device installed at the rear of the vehicle makes lifting heavy loads easier. The vehicle is also equipped with Rettbox, disconnecting air connections, and automatic accumulator recharging, and can operate on rails with a gauge of 1435mm. Two-wheeled configurations of front and rear rail gear are located behind the road axles and are powered via hydrostatic drive. To make reversing safer, a CCTV camera system and a colour LCD display are inside the cab. Illuminated rail gears and additional lights also help to improve visibility at night.

Designed for driving on roads and rails while working, the FRILINER SIV M is suitable for measuring metro light rails. It consists of a modified truck, with front and rear railway gear located between the axles. It also has hydraulic and electric systems, as well as steering lock and a lockable cabinet. Tyres located at the back of the car provide drive on the track through friction against the rail head. When driving on rails, the truck’s front axle is suspended above the rails using a locking device.

Road-rail maintenance vehicles

The IT DUOLINER comes with a double scissor-type elevating platform, designed for railway maintenance operations, along with a hydraulic loading crane and measuring pantograph at the rear of the vehicle. The NP 400 working platform is capable of unlimited rotation around its axis, making it easier to use. The horizontal reach, loading capacity, and size of the platform all adhere to the requirements for overhead line maintenance machinery to ensure everything is as safe as possible. The platform is controlled via a radio remote or emergency controls, if necessary. The driven rail wheels use hydrostatic power transmission by means of a pump and hydraulic engines. Additional safety features also include a CCTV reversing camera, colour LCD display in the driver’s cab, and railway lights for working at night. Everything is easily controlled from the driver’s cab and the automated rail gear functions can be monitored using the onboard computer display.

Designed for welding in field conditions, WELDERLINER is equipped with a flash butt welder container, as well as emergency breaks, parking, and service features. It can weld rails with a maximum cross section of up to 10000mm2. The double-axel rail gears are located behind the road axles and are driven by hydraulics. To make on-tracking easier, the vehicle is equipped with a rear rotational rail bogie with microdrive, as well as optional remote control drive.  Additional safety features include CCTV reversing cameras, rail track lighting, and several emergency stop buttons along the vehicle. WELDERLINER is fully adaptable and can be fit with an integral puller welding head or other variants to suit customer requirements. It also comes with a shear tool to enable full profile shearing.

SaZ’s R DUOTRAM H is fitted with an insulated, scissor-type elevating platform suitable for live OLE maintenance work. The driven rail wheels are powered by hydrostatic transmission using a pump and hydraulic engines. Inside the driver’s cab, all operations and rail gear functions can be controlled and monitored using the onboard computer.

The articulated mobile elevating platform GENIE DUO is powered by either a diesel engine or a built-in accumulator, meaning it can be used inside buildings or tunnels. The platform extends horizontally and vertically, making it useful when repairing components such as railway lights or overhead lines. It can also be used for helping with protective painting and other maintenance tasks.

The DUOLINER MIJ is capable of driving and working on roads, railway tracks, and sidings. Hydrostatic drive and optional micro drive make it the ideal choice when working on bridges or performing inspections or diagnostics on road and railway bridges. The vehicle is equipped with four-wheeled rail gears and a rear swivel rail bogie for easier on-tracking.

Emergency rescue road-rail vehicles

UniRoller-S is a specially designed emergency rescue vehicle for use on roads and rails. It features a box body superstructure and a double cab, with six seats, and can be used to re-rail equipment. Each vehicle comes with a large loading capacity and pull-out shelves, protected by aluminium roller shutters. UniRoller can work on railway gauges between 1435mm-1520mm and its rescue and re-railing tools are powered via a hydraulic circuit. When moving on rail tracks, power is transmitted to the road tyres via drums, which means that the tyres do not make direct contact with the rails and helps to prolong the life of the tyres. An electrical control panel in the driver’s cab controls all the vehicle’s operations and a reversible gearbox ensures that it can maintain a constant speed when travelling forwards or backwards.

DUOLINER FF is made from a converted truck, with added front and rear rail gear, locking road axles, additional firefighting superstructure, steering wheel lock, an air braking system, and hydraulic and electrical systems. It is capable of driving on roads and operating on many different types of railway lines.

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