For the past 25 years, and now more than ever, Rowe Hankins (RHL) is committed to continual development and growth through fully understanding its customers, their customers and future rail market requirements.

Speed probes, earth leakage detection, current monitoring and wheel flange lubrication

RHL provides its own manufactured products, including speed probes, earth leakage detection units, current monitoring products and intelligent wheel flange lubrication. RHL also acts as a distributor for Eaton, HaslerRail, Secheron, LEM and AI Tek.

RHL has ISO9001 and Halcrow safety critical certification, and is a link-up registered supplier.

RHL’s total project management approach

IRIS accredited, RHL achieved a 7% increase in audit results in 2011 through maximising improvements in all key areas of the business. It continues to develop and effectively use the vast expertise within the company, implementing a total project management approach, and listening to and working closely with customers.

Rowe Hankins was established in 1986 as a specialist distributor and manufacturer of electro-mechanical components.
RHL speed probes are a reliable cost-effective solution for speed measurement within the traction industry.
RHL is IRIS accredited and has the ISO9001 quality management standard.

Innovation, high quality, outstanding service, honesty and hard work are the key focus. In brief the mission with all customers, suppliers and employees is to be brilliant, which is the acronym of the RHL mission statement.

The global rail market is increasingly developing into a complex, interlinked industry that crosses international borders and involves joint venture initiatives between major rail manufacturing and operating companies.

The rail sector is also being seen as having a major role to play in providing a solution to future concerns relating to the economic and environmentally friendly provision of mass transit of people, industrial and commercial goods.

Safety system, consultation, manufacturing, maintenance and repair services

Safety increasingly lies at the heart of all rail developments, whether it is a new product or the modernisation or improvement of existing rolling stock and rail infrastructure.

Suppliers to the rail industry can no longer rely on supplying quality products at affordable prices. There is a need to go beyond the solution and fully understand the requirements of the customer, the customers’ customer, the application and the industry.

RHL offers consultation, design, development, engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, testing and repair of product, supported by high levels of personal before, during and after-sales service and  promoting the highest level of contact and reassurance to customers with access to all areas of the business.

RHL professional engineers have worked in the rail industry for over 30 years so have the experience to meet the requirements demanded by customers and the safety authority. We have industry trained engineers to give the highest possible level of service.

Product development

RHL work to the V project structure and use the IRIS standards to develop a product from design through to sale, working closely with the customer throughout the product development path.

From the conceptual, design stage through to the after-sales maintenance phase, RHL will ensure that the level of work undertaken and the documentation provided will help customers maintain or receive acceptance and approval from the safety authority.

Everyone in RHL works towards consistent, effective service to all customers – whether they are inside or outside the organisation.

The internal service that RHL provides within the organisation has significant effects on the service the customer receives. The highest level of customer service starts within the company and transfers to the end customer.

Enquiries, quotations and order system

RHL manages all new and major enquiries, quotations and product developments through the enquiries, quotations and order system (EQO) in the form of structured individual projects.

Working with key information and to key events, identified through customer communications, RHL holds weekly meetings to review sales pipeline projects and work in progress projects (WIP).

RHL is keen to ensure that projects are delivered ontime and onbudget, and make sure that the product meets the quality and specification required by the customer first time.