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Measurement Devices and Monitoring Systems for Vehicle and Track Maintenance and Acoustics

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Müller-BBM Rail Technologies develops measurement devices and monitoring solutions for vehicle and track maintenance, as well as acoustics in the railway industry. Systems are used across rail, metro and tramway networks worldwide

Wheel measuring device m|wheel

m|wheel was designed by Müller-BBM Rail Technologies as a high-precision measuring device for the wheel diameter and the wheel-running surface, which can be used to confirm if wheels are out-of-shape, rough or require repair.

The device is also used for assessing wheel polygonisation and wheel defects, such as flats and assesses the wheel roughness with respect to the noise emission. It quantifies brake pads according to the roughness of the wheels and the effectiveness of maintenance as overturning.

Wheels are measured according to EN 15610.

Monitoring the wheel quality and condition-based maintenance with the Wheel Monitoring System.
Müller-BBM monitoring systems can automatically record rail and vehicle conditions and inform of necessary maintenance.
m|wheel measures the wheel diameter and the wheel-running surface, which can be used to confirm if wheels are out-of-shape, rough or require repair.

There are a number of advantages to m|wheel, including precision, size and robustness. It is powered by a USB connection, with quick and easy operation, application to the rail, adjustment of the sensor’s position, and automatic data analysis and report generation.

The device uses a magnetic sensor to start and stop measurements automatically, with service guaranteed for ten years. m|wheel is metrologically calibrated and the calibration is accepted by national calibration laboratories.

m|wheel provides simple measurements and evaluation of wheels, displaying either a polar or a Cartesian graph on a portable device. The software calculates one-third octave band roughness and order spectrum details, displaying the limit curves of definitive standards that have been implemented.

Measurement systems for railway tracks

Uneven rail surfaces affect the track’s rolling noise, and rail maintenance work such as grinding is then necessary. Müller-BBM Rail Technologies provides the m|rail trolley for continuous measurement and monitoring of track surface. It measures the acoustic roughness, rail defects and assesses whether rail work is required such as grinding or welding.

m|rail trolley is a light, high-precision measuring device for the rail surface. It is operated by one person pushing the measuring device along the track. It is suitable for tracks of all lengths to locate acoustically suitable test sections and record the quality of the railway lines.

Track sections are measured according to EN 15610, EN ISO 3095, EN 13231-3 and TSI NOI CR/HS. Any defects on the railhead that affect acoustics and vibrations are determined, such as corrugation and grooves.

m|rail trolley is also metrologically calibrated, with a ten-year service guarantee.

Software used in m|rail trolley allows collected data to be easily evaluated and displayed in real-time, while being adaptable and simple to operate. Functions include the display of longitudinal velocities, calculation of narrowband spectra, third octave band spectra, and the roughness single-value indicator.

The system can also show results alongside relevant standards to provide a comparison, and export data in ASCII format.

Automated wheel maintenance reports for trains

Wheel polygons and flats are common in rail wheels as they regularly transport heavy loads, meaning that wheels and tracks can suffer from more wear caused by increased strain, the risk of the train derailing can be increased, and excessive noise and vibrations can impact surrounding residential areas.

Müller-BBM Rail Technologies’s wheel monitoring system (WMS) automatically records the condition of wheels to deliver relevant information, eliminating the need to take a vehicle out-of-service to examine it manually. The WMS allows for maintenance works to be scheduled based on wheel condition from recordings.

Specifically designed for busy operational tracks, the WMS track measurement points identifies trains and records the train data.

Data is sent to an analysis unit for evaluation, which can be installed in the company network or the Cloud, allowing staff to monitor wheel condition and schedule maintenance across the company network.

Stations are fully automated with features that include modular design, customisation, e-mail or text notification of over-limit values, and online remote access

Additional options include monitoring the conditions of motors, ventilators and other equipment.

Monitoring stations for controlling railway noise

Noise and vibrations on the railway can be continuously monitored with Müller-BBM Rail Technologies systems. Stations can withstand all weather conditions and are ideal for continuous operation with automatic data analysis.

Monitoring stations record noise, vibrations, wheel tread quality, train type, and velocity. They can take measurements from several rail tracks at the same time, and distinguish whether external factors are interfering the reading.

Accelerometers, axle detectors, video recording and weather reports can also be included in the system.

About Müller-BBM Rail Technologies

Müller-BBM Rail Technologies is a leading provider of acoustic rail and wheel roughness measurement systems and monitoring systems for railway maintenance and noise. The company is a part of the Müller-BBM group.

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