Established in 1982, LASPAR provides full service to customers who need solutions against unwanted vibrations on railway applications. We are a reliable, competitive and indispensable partner for many global players acting in a variety of areas, including the railway industry.

Our guiding principles are based on:

  • Customer orientation: the customer comes first mentality, serious price politics and high flexibility
  • Long–term partnership
  • Always being up to date in fields of professional project management, product design and rapid prototyping

Rubber components for the railway industry

We produce high-quality components for both the domestic and international railway industry. These include products for primary suspension systems, compressor mountings, couplings and elements, and industrial comfort.

Suspension systems and compressor mountings

LASPAR’s primary suspension system carries one of the most important functions – to protect all systems located on the upperside of boggies against vibration caused by travel.

LASPAR specialises in anti-vibration solutions for railway applications.
Our products include suspension systems, compression mountings and elastic coupling for vibration control.
Laspar has ISO9001, ISO TS16949 , ISO14001 certificates and planned to be IRIS certified in 2011.

Our compressor mountings easily meet customer requirements as we offer such a wide product range. If you have special requirements for your rail applications, LASPAR have a team of design experts ready to find the most suitable design to suit your situation.

Elastic coupling components

LASPAR offers products for couplings and elements, including single-bonded or double-bonded bushes for elastic coupling solutions, as well as complete elastic couplings.

We produce industrial comfort solutions for railway applications. We pride ourselves on always delivering the most suitable solutions for combating your vibration and sealing-related issues.

Custom-engineered anti-vibration component manufacture

In order to meet our customers’ expectations of performance, we offer high-quality design services together with diverse machining capabilities. Our facilities include hand-built, custom-engineered components as well as high-volume production requirements by using state-of-the-art equipment.

All moulding and stamping tools are manufactured in our tooling plant. Our material experts have a broad range of knowledge in fields of elastomer technology and can therefore advise you in any case of material questions.

Our experienced LASPAR team is focused on the quality and comfort of passengers. This is achieved though focusing on material development, new product design and development. Laspar has ISO9001, ISO TS16949 , ISO14001 certificates and planned to be IRIS certified in 2011.