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Railway Vacuum Wastewater Systems and Cleaning Machines

LaborexRail produces vacuum wastewater systems for trains.

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LaborexRail produces vacuum wastewater systems for trains.

The company’s solutions remove wastewater from lavatory areas via several suction posts connected to a single central unit.

LaborexRail also produces cleaning machines and blasting cabinets that do not use heavy detergents.

Supply and disposal network for train and depots

LaborexRail’s supply and disposal networks for train depots are configured to meet every requirement, such as adverse weather conditions, and hygiene and automation needs.

Besides emptying the wastewater tanks, each suction post can be equipped with a vacuum cleaning hose to clean the trains carpets; a rinsing hose to rinse the tanks; a hose to add ‘blue product’ typical for high-speed rails; fresh and heated soapy water for cleaning; compressed air for maintenance and repair; and two electrical outlets.

This unique patented solution makes it possible to evacuate wastewater and carpet dust through the same pipelines.

Underground waste disposal systems for trains

The disposal network Types 1000 and 2000 are underground systems that keep the path between rails free, allowing vehicles to drive over suction posts. The point load for the Type 1000 is 2,000kg, while the Type 2000 accepts up to 4,000kg.

When not in use, the suction hose and water hose are neatly hidden underground and accessible via the suction post or a stairwell.

The Type 3000 is an underground system that keeps the path between the rail open. A vehicle can drive over the suction posts, which accept a point load up to 4,000kg.

The Type 3000 is LaborexRail’s most ergonomic underground waste disposal solution. The suction post can be lifted 600mm while being used, providing easy access to the different hoses. It is possible to electrically roll the suction hoses, which can be neatly hidden underground.

The system can be accessed via stairs or a hatch, providing entry to the space underneath each suction post.

Overground systems for waste disposal

The Type 4000 single and 5000 double are overground waste disposal systems. When not in use, the hoses lie beside the rail. The suction posts are installed above ground, and all techniques are installed in the suction post itself. The piping connecting the different suction posts is installed in gutters covered by concrete lids.

For every 12m for the single Type 4000 and 24m for the double Type 5000, a suction post is installed on top of the gutter. The double overground system Type 5000 can be connected to two separate carriages. The carriage tanks can be emptied simultaneously.

The Type 6000 is LaborexRail’s overground pole system. The hoses are installed in a vertical pole and retracted automatically, and offer a large operating radius of 18m. Techniques are installed within each suction pole.

The piping connecting the different suction poles can be installed either in gutters covered by concrete lids or simply directly in the foundation. Each suction pole can be equipped with an individual lighting module, eliminating the need for additional poles.

Mobile disposal vehicles

Reliability, comfort, design and quality are the keywords of LaborexRail’s mobile disposal systems.

The company has a wide range of self-propelled electric vehicles and trailers. All LaborexRail mobile disposal systems have a maximum flexibility and are easy to handle and lightweight.

Railway cleaning machines

LaborexRail recognises that purity requirements play an important role in the railway industry, which is constantly developing and therefore requires components to be carefully cleaned. A dirt particle can lead to mechanical failure or other serious defects.

The company’s railway cleaning systems meet the highest purity requirements and regulations.

Blasting cabinets for rail vehicles

LaborexRail’s blasting cabinets are produced according to the latest environmental, safety, hygiene and ergonomics standards.

The company’s ensure that its blasting cabinets’ power consumption is as low as possible during operation. Railway components are blasted in closed cabinets to ensure clean and dust-free workspaces.

About LaborexRail

LaborexRail’s state-of-the-art factory includes a steel plate department, the latest high-tech machinery and a professional after-sales and service department.

The company’s qualified employees guarantee the perfect finish for clients’ railway wastewater system, blasting cabinet or cleaning system.

Railway Vacuum Wastewater Systems and Cleaning Machines

Over the years, LaborexRail's know-how and service has made us a global player in the railway industry. For more than 50 years we have been internationally active in the railway industry and we specialise in vacuum railway wastewater systems, blasting cabinets and cleaning systems. Being innovative is of paramount importance to us. We take care of the developing process entirely in house.


Hagelberg 15

2250 Olen