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Specialised Interlocking Systems for the Railway Industry

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KLS Group develops locking systems and safety procedures to prevent serious injuries during technical operations and maintenance in the railway industry.

We distinguish our products to match the industrial segments of a partial body access to a full body access, as well as indoor and outdoor applications.

Our key interlocking systems utilise locks and keys for sequential control of equipment and machinery to ensure safe operation.

Key interlocking systems for rail applications

KLS’ key interlocking systems can be used in a wide range of safety applications in the rail sector such as power feeding systems, substations, signalling units and maintenance halls.

KLS provides secure interlocking systems for the rail sector.
Our key transfer solutions are designed to provide high-performance security for potentially dangerous or restricted areas on trains, platforms and stations.
KLS offers rolling stock access locks for locomotive applications. They are available in a wide range of different key systems and cylinder models.
Our bolt interlocks are rugged and suitable for outdoor and vibration prone areas.
We offer rolling stock safety systems and cylinders to provide safety interlocking.

Our solutions prevent access to moving parts of the machine until they are stopped and isolated from the main source of power, as well as unexpected machine start-ups until the access doors to the moving parts are closed and locked.

Our key transfer systems also ensure the consistent performance of maintenance, overhaul and repair (MRO) of dangerous machinery.

Access control on subway platforms

Many times people enter restricted areas inside the subway stations, causing service disruption and jeopardising installations.

Our products have been selected to prevent unauthorised access to service areas by using access locks all linked to a centralised control room key panel. This ensures that only the maintenance manager can allow authorised personnel to open the gates when required.

This key panel allows the locking or freeing of a certain number of keys and facilitates key administration for maintenance or exchange, as a single authorisation key controls the functionality of all other keys.

Onboard power grid safety solutions

Reliable safety devices are necessary to warranty the best safety level into the many power substations that allows the train to function. Key transfer with heavy-duty locks allow long-term security of a railway substation, as well as a link between equipment to avoid improper connections.

KLS’ range of specialised railways locks are suitable with any type of switchgear, transformer, earth switch and circuit breaker, and components such as mechanical locks, solenoid locks, switch locks and cylinders can be used to create the key transfer sequence.

Our locks can be adapted to an array of different standards and measurements.

About KLS

Established in 2010, KLS’ growing investments and acquisitions have led us to enter different and important markets, along with our high-quality products with constant innovation with care on costings.

We are able to offer our safety interlocks worldwide due to our global presence and an extensive network of agents and resellers.

All personnel are trained and experienced in interlocks. We can provide comprehensive service and support worldwide due to the passion and dedication of each individual staff member to provide high-quality service.

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