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Rolling Stock and Noise Reduction Solutions for the Rail Industry

Kampa BV and Schrey & Veit GmbH are leaders in the rail industry, providing innovative noise protection and rail infrastructure solutions that improve efficiency and reduce life cycle costs (LCCs).

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With more than 43 years of shared knowledge and experience and a history dating back to the industrial revolution, railways remain an integral part of modern infrastructure, both now and in the future. Working alongside partners such as Schrey & Veit GmbH, Kampa BV recognised the need for technological innovation and continuous improvement in the railway sector and used this as the driving force behind their collaboration. The cooperation and knowledge exchange between Schrey & Veit GmbH and Kampa BV produces future-proof and innovative ideas that provide solutions for the global rail industry.

Kampa BV’s partnership has also resulted in homologation for High-Speed Rail (HSR) projects on all continents. Working with several European manufacturers, Kampa helps to supply the Dutch railway marketplace with crucial spare parts, such as brake pads and train wheels. As well as rolling stock, Kampa offers advice for noise reduction and sound project management.

Rail infrastructure noise reduction solutions

Kampa’s products can be used to dampen the vibrations of rails, wheels, or steel bridges to help reduce noise. The company works closely with leading suppliers of friction materials, wheels, and dampers to provide the most effective noise and cost reducing solutions. All products are thoroughly tested and undergo fatigue tests, vibration analysis, and modal analysis to guarantee a high level of quality.

New technological advancements mean that rail dampers and vibration technology solutions have become increasingly effective over the last few years. The universal design of Kampa’s rail dampers makes them quick and easy to replace, meaning they can be fitted anywhere without the need for additional track adaptions. Following its success in the Netherlands, Kampa’s damping systems are now being installed in several countries across the world.

Kampa’s bridge dampers help to minimise the noise of steel railway bridges. The dampers are tailored to suit the individual natural frequencies of bridges or bridge sections to effectively reduce noise levels. Made to fit a variety of different bridges, the dampers can be secured using screws, adhesives, or welding.

In partnership with Calenberg Ingenieure, Kampa supplies track elastomers designed to protect buildings from railway traffic vibrations and noise. Metro, light rail, and heavy goods traffic can produce high levels of vibration and noise, which can be extremely disruptive to people living or working nearby. Products such as Kampa’s elastomeric bearings, track bed and sub-ballast mats, and rail and base plate pads are made from a special combination of elastomers and rubbers and are designed to reduce vibrations to protect buildings and reduce disruptions. Reducing both airborne and structure borne noises helps to improve nearby housing and working conditions and can increase the value of local real estate.

Thanks to products like ShimLift, which resolves critical issues at transition points between ballast and ballastless tracks, and DeltaSwitch, a unique, greaseless switch design that prevents fatigue, wear, and other problems at rail switches, Kampa BV has established itself internationally as a highly respected name in the industry. ShimLift is a new type of rail fastening for sleeper types NS90 and 14002 and can be used at bridge, tunnel, viaduct, and level crossing transitions. Made from a durable synthetic material, the wedge is pushed under the rail at transition points and moves over a counter-wedge placed on the sleeper. ShimLift’s design is adjustable in height and helps to prevent track subsidence and rail deflection. This results in less damage to superstructure components and helps to increase passenger comfort. Maintenance is also made easier, as rail deflection can be countered without the use of a tamping machine, which can loosen the ballast bedding, and only provides a temporary solution.

The DeltaSwitch system was developed over four years and can be added to any type of rail switch with a single point machine. It helps to ensure that there is suitable flangeway clearance so that train wheel flanges do not catch on the back side of open switch rails. Switches are typically designed with a specific free flangeway clearance to prevent them from catching on passing wheel flanges, but temperature changes and heavy train loads can cause the material to deform over time. This results in unwanted variations in flangeway clearance, which can damage the switch.  DeltaSwitch prevents the clearance from changing and protects the switch from damage, resulting in a faster and more accurate switch adjustment. It can be installed in approximately one hour and does not require the switch side plates to be lubricated.

Kampa BV also supplies wheel and bridge dampers in collaboration with Schrey & Veit. Wheel dampers are used with solid wheels to help reduce vibration and noise. The company also offers solid and resistant GHH wheels to improve passenger comfort and provide better shock absorption. GHH wheels feature a smaller diameter and high wheel load.

Lucchini RS Group and Kampa offer train wheels, rail wheel tyres, wheelsets, crane wheels, and axles in many different sizes and materials. Train wheels are available in sizes from 360mm-1290mm and conform to EN 13262 standards. Crane wheels are made from 42CrM05 degassed steel and undergo a unique thermal treatment process to create a universal hardness profile across the running surface while also maintaining a flexible core. The wheels are resistant to shock loads, pitting, and spalling, making them durable and more efficient.

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  • DeltaSwitch

    Deltaswitch improves the setting of switch rails. DetaSwitch is a greaseless system suitable for all half tongue movements, with a so-called 'high tongue profile' and tongue roll, in plain, symmetrical, and English switches.

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