noise reduction and vbration damper solutions

Kampa supplies innovative products for optimising rail infrastructure and rolling stock, including solutions for noise reduction, reducing lifecycle costs (LCC) and enhancing total cost of ownership (TCO).

The company provides spare components and wear-prevention parts, such as train wheels and brake pads, as well as damping solutions for rails, wheels, and steel bridges.

Kampa’s infrastructure solutions are easy to install and simple by design.

ShimLift, height-adjustable fastening system

ShimLift is an innovative rail fastening for a range of different cross-ties, which solves the issue of crossovers from ballast to non-ballasted track.

Kampa supplies noise reduction solutions for rail applications.
Tenseg maintains a constant tension in rails, reducing noise levels and increasing the lifespan of railway tracks.
ShimLift eliminates subsidence at track crossovers, removes the need for frequent tamping of ballast beds, and increases comfort for travellers.

ShimLift uses a composite wedge that slides beneath the rail and moves across a counter wedge on the cross-tie. Subsidence of the track at crossovers causes voids beneath the cross-ties. This is known as hanging cross-tie, and leads to the cross-ties being struck as the train travels across them.

Transitions zones occur at level crossings, bridges, viaducts and tunnels. The height-adjustable fastening system has also proven useful in other sections of the track, where local subsidence has to be corrected.

Elimination of track subsidence for increased traveller comfort

ShimLift causes less damage to superstructure components and enhanced comfort for travellers. The fastening system also removes the need for frequent tamping of ballast beds, and eliminates track subsidence, which can result in a hanging cross-tie.

The height-adjustable wedge system provides a simple and effective solution for subsidence of crossovers from ballast to non-ballasted track.

Tenseg, a pre-stressed IRJ

Tenseg comes from the word ‘tenesgrity’, meaning tensional integrity, and this is basic principal of the company’s system. Tenseg is formed of ceramic, which maintains constant tension while being a perfect isolator for rail tracks.

Tenseg’s pre-stressed, ceramic-insulated joints eliminate movement between rail ends, reduce noise and vibration, and provide a longer lifespan with fewer signaling faults.

Rail dampers for noise reduction

Kampa’s rail dampers are based on the latest technologies to reduce broadband railway noise, by dampening vibrations in rails from passing trains.

To achieve maximum noise reduction, dampers firstly need to be adapted to the individual shape of a rail (for example, 54E1, 60E1, 115RE or 119RE).

Dampers are then optimally tuned to reduce noise at a corresponding frequency range. The individual tuning of dampers enables application on all track types, such as ballasted, ballast-less and high-speed tracks.

The company incorporates its knowledge and experience to offer you the best solutions for reducing noise or LCC.