Intesens offers autonomous, wireless, plug-and-play sensors that are easy to install, adapted to adverse environments, and tested, integrated and deployed on industrial sites.

Clients can use generated data to optimise maintenance operations, increase service availability, extend the working lifetime of assets, and enhance their brand image.

Wireless, autonomous sensors for monitoring rail assets

Intesens supplies a range of sensors that remotely monitor the mechanical tension of catenary cables, mechanical stress on bridges, frost on catenaries and platforms, and rail temperatures.

The company’s systems collect measurement data in real-time over long distances, and make it available via the IDIAG Web platform.

Intesens manufactures hardened, geolocated sensors for monitoring rail temperatures.
An alerting connected solution for backup power supply.
Data from sensors is stored on the IDIAG online platform, which allows users to configure alerts and correlate information to help create predictive maintenance models.

The solution can be used to monitor and analyse operating faults and optimise asset performance.

Backup battery monitoring solution

The connected IDIAG Battery solution instantly notifies the client of any fault detected on a backed up power supply via SMS or email, allowing them to react quickly and plan an intervention before service loss.

IDIAG Battery comprises a cloud solution that reports the status of the asset, an autonomous sensor connected to the UPS, and a wireless connection through an internet of things (IoT) network.

The system can be integrated with numerous rail applications, including telecoms, level crossings, and critical electrical assets.

Sensors for monitoring catenary tension and detecting lift breakdowns

To monitor mechanical tension, Intesens provides sensors that can be installed over several kilometres to monitor catenaries during maintenance operations.

The sensors can be used to expedite operations, facilitate coordination between construction teams, and monitor the evolution of cables after installation.

The company’s sensors also detect maintenance issues with lifts on rail platforms, speeding up the response of maintenance teams, and increasing security and accessibility for persons with reduced mobility (PRM).

Online asset monitoring platform

Information from sensors is stored on the company’s secured IDIAG web platform, which allows clients to follow the progress of installations, export and share information with co-workers, and receive maintenance alerts in real-time.

Clients can login to the IDIAG web platform to view rail asset data and configure alerts, which can be received by SMS or over email.

Data can be analysed, exported, and correlated with other company information, allowing clients to generate predictive maintenance models.