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Composite Sleepers and Track Systems for Sustainable Development

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International Track Systems (ITS) was founded in 1937 in the north-eastern US. The founder, Nelson Moses, had a vision for track systems that would improve the quality of railways worldwide. That vision continues today.

With over 70 years of history, International Track Systems in one of the most experienced railway suppliers on the planet. With an expertise in rubber and plastics, which ITS has used for noise and vibration systems, the development of the EcoRail composite sleeper came naturally to ITS.

EcoRail composite sleepers

The EcoRail composite sleeper by ITS is designed for use on mass transit, freight railroads, light rail, and mining applications. It is one of the most environmentally beneficial products available to the railroad industry. However, the environmental benefit is not the only reason to use the EcoRail sleeper. The EcoRail sleeper is designed to outlast any other sleeper on the market, with a design-intent lifespan of over 50 years.

Made with 100% recyclable materials, the EcoRail composite sleeper can be pulled after its use and recycled into a new tie. Selling the used sleeper as a recyclable product is a benefit that no other sleeper can offer.

We have the opportunity to massively decrease the rate of deforestation with our EcoRail composite sleeper.
16-year-old composite sleepers used in the Southern United States.
EcoRail Composite Sleepers are designed to be compatible with standard industry equipment and installation procedures.

Sustainable sleepers

EcoRail composite sleepers are designed to be compatible with standard industry equipment and installation procedures. The EcoRail sleeper can be used intermittently with wood ties in projects where replacement of old materials is gradual. Screw spikes are recommended for the EcoRail sleeper.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to overcome when transitioning to the composite sleeper is relative to budget. The EcoRail composite sleeper can cost up to 2.5 times the price of wood. However, in the right applications, EcoRail sleepers last up to ten times longer. If a wood tie costs $20, but only lasts five years, then it would cost $200 in material over 50 years.

Environmentally friendly railway sleepers

The EcoRail sleeper can be used in conjunction with our other EcoRail products to create the most advanced, environmentally friendly rail system on the planet. The EcoRail PolyPad is a recycled HDPE abrasion plate. The EcoRail rubber rail seat deflects noise and vibration in sensitive areas, such as hospital zones, residential areas and commercial zones. Many more products are also available.

Railway sleepers in any size

International Track Systems currently has the capacity to produce over 300,000 sleepers annually. This capacity can be rapidly expanded thanks to planning and forethought. If needed, International Track Systems could increase capacity to 600,000 sleepers within one year.

We are able to produce any size sleeper without incurring tooling costs. We can produce any length up to 23ft. The EcoRail composite sleeper is designed for use in ballasted and embedded track. It is not for use on open-deck bridge designs.


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