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Electrotechnical Components for the Railway Industry

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ime Elektrotechnik is a leading provider of electrotechnical engineering components and consultancy services for the railway sector.

The company provides components from a range of manufacturers and free technical consulting services to help clients solve problems faster and deliver cost-effective solutions through strategic procurement.

ime Elektrotechnik’s customers and partners include well-known operators in the transport industry. Due to its high expertise, the company holds partially exclusive distribution rights.

Electrotechnical components for the rail sector

ime Electrotechnik offers a wide range of products and services for railway applications, including:

ime Elektrotechnik provides consultancy services and electrotechnical engineering components for the railway sector.
The company collects data on existing train systems to help clients with replacement components.
ime Elektrotechnik provides a comprehensive range of products, including spare parts, fire detection systems and automation technology.
Clients can work with the company to create a controlled environment for renewing or replacing eletrotechnical components.
ime Elektrotechnik helps clients to procure the correct components and plan installation projects.
The company has collaborated with some of the largest operators in the transport industry.
The company provides analogue measuring devices for railway clients.
ime Elektrotechnik provides a range of industrial buttons, switches, and sensors.
The company offers a range of digital measuring devices for railways around the world.
  • Manufacturer-independent consulting
  • Obsolescence management for electrotechnical components and systems
  • Maintenance, modernisation and repairs for railway clients
  • Automation and control technology
  • Fire detection and electrical heating solutions
  • Low-voltage components and sensors

Obsolescence management for planning railway installation projects

Through obsolescence management, ime Elektrotechnik helps customers to build a planned, controlled environment for renewing or substituting electrotechnical components and systems within railways.

The company collects, categorises and evaluates data depending on the trains used, the years of construction or mileage, climate conditions, and the availability of components.

The result is a clear structure of actions outlining the planning and procurement of necessary components, which reduces downtime, costs and stress for clients.

Electrotechnical components for rail vehicles

ime Elektrotechnik offers an extensive portfolio of low-voltage products, switching devices, and control and signalling devices as complete units or modular technologies.

The company also provides power supplies, capacitors, transformers, fire detection equipment, electrical heating and automation technology, as well as complex solutions for rail vehicles.

Automation technology and replacement components

ime Elektrotechnik has helped various transport companies to replace aged vehicle controls and critical components subject to mechanical wear with existing capacities and new substitutes.

In order to help clients meet their specifications, the company builds relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as offers consultancy services for complex products.

Fire detection systems for trains

ime Elektrotechnik assists clients with fire detection solutions, providing expertise on a variety of routes, the deployment of examination procedures, and the different fire behaviour of materials.

The company’s international team of specialists support clients in all issues related to fire detection in the rail sector, including:

  • Detector placement
  • The durability of components
  • Installation and maintenance costs

The company’s German-grade engineers ensure reliability and quality for its customers.

About ime Elektrotechnik

For more than 30 years, ime Elektrotechnik has offered high-quality consultancy services regarding the replacement and modernisation of low-voltage products, as well as fire detection, electric heating, automation and control technologies.

The company offers advice independent of manufacturers, delivers solutions quickly, and ensures continuity.

ime Elektrotechnik maintains a high level of performance through its work and the products that the company markets, in addition to prioritising its clients’ requirements.

The company has a range of partners, including ABB, General Electric, Schneider Electric, Hekatron, Siemens, Finder, AEG, Telemechanique, Baco, Bernstein, Schniewindt, OHP, Legrand, ime-Messgeräte, EPA, OBO Bettermann and Eaton.

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