For over 20 years, IGRALUB has developed and delivered innovative and highly efficient lubricants and lubrication systems for railways, LRV, metros and trams. Our knowledge helps to dramatically reduce wheel/rail damage and reduce and even prevent annoying train wheel/rail noises, such as curve squeaking. As a total services provider, IGRALUB offers integral solutions and support over the complete lifecycle.

Curve noise solutions

IGRALUB has been dealing with the problem of rail squeak on bends for over 15 years. This depth of experience guarantees a comprehensive consultation for a successful solution. For this application, IGRALUB offers its high-tech Headlub lubricant, plus optimal application systems, a position-dependent control system using GPS, service and support.

Wheel and rail management

IGRALUB offers as total services provider wheel and rail lubrications systems from one source. This guarantees one contact person, compliant systems and lubricants that are effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. We provide support throughout all phases of a project, from problem identification and analysis to planning, engineering, after-sales and maintenance.

Creation of a conditioning plan with the IGRALUB fleet management system.
IGRALUB provides installation support for on-board lubrication systems.
After-sales support is most important to reduce lifecycle costs.
Noise measurements with acoustic cameras.
Assistance during the homologation process.
IGRALUB holds speeches on international railway forums and exhibitions.
TOR Control enables fully automatic control of wheel flange or top of rail lubrication.
The correct adjustment of the nozzles is important for an effective lubrication system.
IGRALUB offers special lubricants for cranes, chains and escalators.

Electronic lubrication control system

TOR Control is an independent, electronic control system that meets the requirements for successful railway lubrication: to lubricate the right amount at the right time and place. The system detects the approach of memorised lubrication points before bends and triggers the appropriate spray action, which is determined by a variety of factors such as direction of travel, brake application, speed and weather.

Homologation process and tests for railway lubrication systems

We carry out on-site tests and measurements all over the world and also make use of test systems in technical colleges and universities. With these extensive measurements and test results, we are able to offer our customers a highly effective concept.

Fleet lubrication and noise management

IGRALUB has developed a new total fleet lubrication and noise management system, which controls all lubrication-relevant fleet components to improve safety and material longevity with environmentally friendly applications, using the most advanced and efficient wheel/rail friction modifier technologies available.

Railway lubricants

IGRALUB has developed lubricants for both on-board and wayside lubrication systems. Our speciality lubricants are known for a high solid content and a wide range of application temperatures. Special low-temperature lubricants can be used up to freezing temperatures of -40°C (-40°F). For the best results, IGRALUB offers two different product lines, one for wheel flange lubrication (RailLub) and one for top of rail lubrication (HeadLub).

Automotive, crane and industry lubricants

IGRALUB serves over 2,500 customers outside the transportation sector with unique application-specific high-tech lubricants for cars, bicycles, machinery, cranes and special container handling systems, in addition to speciality vehicles in amusement parks, mining and heavy steel plants. Our well-branded lubricants can be found in almost every bicycle shop around the world.

Contact wire de-icing

The icing of contact wires in cold weather leads to high follow-up costs for many transport operators. With the help of a proximity switch, the newly developed contact wire de-icing system is able to detect the position of the contact wire while in operation, and to control the spray nozzle located directly underneath the contact wire. Due to this configuration, the contact wire can be precisely sprayed with IGRALUB’s anti-freeze agent Pantotec DK to ensure effective de-icing.

Bio-degradable lubricants

An important mission of IGRALUB is to establish itself as the leading provider of ecologically safe and bio-degradable lubricants. For this reason, biologically degradable substances are used exclusively wherever possible. In order to guarantee this to our customers, IGRALUB has its products certified according to the latest test methods, such as OECD 301 B and the CO2 evolutions test.

About IGRALUB Group

IGRALUB was established by Andre Kofmehl in 1992 in Zurich, Switzerland. Today, the company has subsidiaries and branch offices in Singapore, US, Germany, Austria and South Africa. Over 200 transit authorities around the world are using IGRALUB’s lubricants and systems, including operators of high-speed commuter and light-rail trains, heavy-rail and heavy haul locomotives, as well as cog-rails.