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Waterborne Coatings for Train Manufacture

More than 30 years ago, HSH Aerospace Finishes started manufacturing waterborne coatings for aircraft cabins.


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More than 30 years ago, HSH Aerospace Finishes started manufacturing waterborne coatings for aircraft cabins. They were developed to meet international aviation authority safety regulations, eliminate highly toxic solvents and ensure risk-free coating solutions in confined areas of the aircraft cabin.

HSH’s success is its ability to respond to the needs of this highly demanding industry. It has achieved and maintains major OEM manufacturer’s certifications that allow it to work with the leading international airline operators.

Waterborne coating systems for trains

Recent changes to regulations within the public transport sector require more technical coating solutions to ensure the safety of passengers and the workforce.

HSH is now offering their technical knowledge and experience to train manufacturers and operators so they can meet these increasing demands. Major Canadian and South African operators are already taking advantage of HSH’s expertise.

HSH is now offering technical coating solutions to train manufacturers and operators.
HSH provides an environmentally friendly full waterborne coating system.
The intercoach 5600 topcoat can be used for overnight touch-ups during line maintenance.
All HSH products comply with fire and toxicity requirements.
HSH's finishes are available in every colour.
The finishes can be applied in confined areas without any risks to the painters.
The company carries out heavy maintenance on railway transport interiors.
The materials used by HSH are robust and highly resistant to long-term wear.

HSH coatings are a cost-saving partner which offer:

  • A full waterborne coating system including primers, fillers and topcoats
  • A product that is easily applied by spray gun or roller with short drying time
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) for painting and touch-ups on site
  • High mechanical and UV resistance
  • A large international technical sales and support network
  • Fast supply of products worldwide
  • A product that complies with the stringent fire and toxicity requirements of the aviation industry

One-component waterborne material fillers for train maintenance

HSH developed one-component waterborne fillers for maintenance and repair, which can be used for filling porosities, repair scratches and damages. They are extremely easy to sand by hand or machine, have an excellent drying time and outstanding mechanical resistance characteristics.

Quick-drying topcoats for train cabins and coaches

The intercoach 5600 topcoat is a one pot system. It has a high solid content and low VOC that provides excellent efficiency, adhesion and mechanical resistance. It has a very short drying time of between 20 and 30 minutes and can be applied in the cabin. It can also be used for overnight touch-ups during line maintenance.

The intercoach 5800 topcoat has an excellent pot life of between three and six hours. It has outstanding mechanical resistance and is designed for areas subject to heavier impact and usage. It has a high solid content, low VOC and replaces the decorative laminate. It has a short drying time of 30 minutes and is touch dry. It’s a two pot system and can be applied directly to the substrate which means there’s no need for a primer.

HSH is proud to supply an environmentally friendly coating system.

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