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Hydraulic Equipment for Derailed Railway Vehicles

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Holmatro’s hydraulic equipment and systems are used in railway applications worldwide, including rerailing vehicles.

Since 1967, we have honoured our traditional Dutch roots by representing innovation, quality and support by designing, developing, manufacturing and testing our tools in-house. Extensive experience with high-pressure hydraulics has allowed us to make tools that are lighter, more compact, durable and easy-to-use.

Holmatro has production facilities and sales offices in the Netherlands, US and China, in addition to a global supplier network.

Hydraulic systems for the railway industry

Holmatro rerailing systems offer a solution for faster, safer and more controlled rerailing of railway vehicles on the track. With a user-friendly design, the lightweight components are easy to place, assemble and disassemble by one person without extra equipment. This ensures optimal operations while reducing delays and costs.

Holmatro provides custom rerailing systems for derailed vehicles.
Customers can customise rerailing solutions to meet specific requirements.
Our rerailing systems are designed for safe, fast and reliable operations.
Lightweight rerailing systems can get vehicles back on the track quickly and safely.

Holmatro supplies three defined sets, which are suitable for a range of different rerailing applications and budgets. If a set suits your requirements but needs a slight change, this can be easily done by selecting other lifting, sliding, operation or connection components. Customers can also create their own bespoke rerailing system.

Operation components for rerailing systems

Holmatro provides a variety of pumps for lifting and traverse cylinders in rerailing systems to allow accurate synchronisation, flexibility and usability. A tool station is available to store and organise all tools.

Hydraulic hoses are supplied for connecting the lifting cylinders and traverse cylinders to the pump unit. The colours of the hoses can be matched to those on the pump control panel to help prevent incorrect connections.

Vehicle rerailing equipment

Holmatro provides telescopic cylinders, which are used for lifting a railway vehicle. Before selecting the cylinders, it’s important to know the weight of the railway vehicle and the stroke you need. Stacking rings can be easily place around the plunger of the telescopic cylinders by using the fork tool to mechanically secure the railway vehicle for a long period of time.

Telescopic cylinders are placed on traverse sleds, which are located on the beam. They are connected to each other by two length-adjustable traverse struts and have a pulling and pushing capacity of 12t.

Holmatro can also supply sled fill plates, which are placed under the telescopic cylinder if necessary. The locking device will prevent the vehicle from sliding during the lift.

The wheelset is used to move beams to their location. Base plates are used under the lifting cylinders to lift a vehicle on the ground while top plates are used on each traverse sled, only in combination with the sled fill plates.

Lightweight rerailing systems for rail vehicles

Holmatro offers the optimal lightweight system to get your railway vehicle back on the track safely, quickly and ergonomically. By establishing a new standard for rerailing, we ensure business continuity with reduced delays and costs.

Our rerailing sets offer a number of features, including:

  • Faster, safe and more controllable rerailing solutions for all types of railway vehicles
  • Maximum performance with minimum weight
  • Unique features for safe operation
  • Suitable for every rerailing application solution

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