Goldschmidt combines the expertise of its companies to ensure that you have everything you need for the construction, maintenance, inspection, and monitoring of your railway network. This unique network of highly qualified experts is the answer to the many varied requirements of rail infrastructure projects. Special expertise, excellent technical equipment, and highly qualified personnel allow Goldschmidt to comprehensively carry out a wide variety of tasks with a high level of quality worldwide.

Together with you, Goldschmidt masters the challenges of modern, rail-bound mobility for safe, sustainable, and long-lasting railways of premium quality. As with Thermit®, Goldschmidt is also a pioneer in maintenance, inspection, and digitalisation, and continues to improve processes and extend the life cycle of railways. Goldschmidt combines its extensive railway expertise and benefits from its global expertise and cross-disciplinary thinking to create tailor-made local solutions for you. The global presence of Goldschmidt gives you access to its whole portfolio with one goal: to lead your railway infrastructure into the future.

Original Thermit®

As the inventor and global market and technological leader in the field of Thermit® welding, for over 125 years Goldschmidt has set standards for the continuously welded track. We develop, produce, and supply all of the associated equipment, machines and materials.

Insulated rail joints

Goldschmidt offers a wide range of insulated rail joints which meet the requirements of regional railways in all countries. These high-quality products contribute to the safety and reliability of railway networks worldwide.

Thermit® welding safely and quickly connects rails of all profiles and grades.
Goldschmidt provides insulated rail joints for signalling and security technology
Track measurements provide cost-effective maintenance.
Weld-tempered rails for reduced maintenance costs are available.
Road-rail vehicles are suitable for grinding work and maintenance for rails to reduce noise emissions.
A range of road-rail vehicles can be supplied.
The Profile Grinder GP 4000 D is used for precise and user-friendly reprofiling of rails.
Smartweld Jet offers automated preheating for Thermit®.
Goldschmidt can provide hydraulic power units.


Goldschmidt offers a comprehensive portfolio for the identification of rail defects, for the evaluation of track geometry, track condition, or rail profiles. Whether as a hand-held measuring device, integrated into trolleys, road-rail vehicles, or inspection trains, Goldschmidt enables you to ensure the safety of your tracks.


All over the world, rails are welded using Goldschmidt expertise. In addition, Goldschmidt offers a number of processes for the repair and maintenance of rails and switches for longer service life and to ensure that all types of trains and trams run quietly, safely, and environmentally friendly.


Using manual and semi-automatic grinding, reprofiling, and deburring machines, as well as road-rail grinding vehicles, Goldschmidt maintains the quality of your tracks quickly, efficiently, and with precision. Highly-trained grinding teams act flexibly and adeptly.

Road-rail vehicles

From overhead line installation vehicles and inspection vehicles for public transport companies, to special vehicles for the inspection of mainline bridges, Goldschmidt supplies the right road-rail vehicle for the application.

Tools and equipment

Goldschmidt offers proven tools and machines for the professional execution of work on railway tracks. The products work efficiently, precisely, and offer a high level of operating comfort. Special equipment ensures more safety, availability, and comfort during operation.

Digital solutions

The digital tools, measurement systems, software solutions, Cloud databases, services, and interfaces within Dari® enable railway infrastructure operators to manage their tracks in a smarter, more effective, and sustainable way.

About Goldschmidt

The history of the Goldschmidt Group dates back to 1847 when the company Theodor Goldschmidt AG was founded. In 1895, Prof Hans Goldschmidt invented the Thermit welding method, an aluminothermic process that enables sections of rail track to be welded together continuously. This marked the beginning of modern rail transport.

In the following years, various companies were founded around the world, giving rise to a group that today boasts 1,100 employees at over 20 locations worldwide.

Certificates and approvals of the Goldschmidt companies include quality management certification according to ISO 9001:2015 and AAR M-1003, environmental management system according to ISO 14011:2015, approval by all major railway companies in more than 80 countries and approval as a Q1 supplier for Deutsche Bahn AG.