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Suspension Systems and Rubber-Metal Anti-Vibration Mounts

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GMT Rubber-Metal-Technic Ltd is a globally recognised designer and provider of IRIS-approved anti-vibration mounts and suspension solutions for railway applications.

We draw on more than four decades of railway industry experience to provide customers with a complete catalogue of components and solutions designed to improve rail safety and passenger comfort. Systems are available for all types of application from trams, light rail and metro to heavy freight locomotives, intercity and very high-speed passenger trains.

Our products include primary suspension springs (typically chevron, axle and conical springs), as well as our established and proven secondary air spring suspension systems.

GMT also manufactures rolling rubber springs, steering rods, resilient wheels, stop buffers, engine mountings, control links, pivot bearings, bushes, rubber and steel springs, couplers and draw gear.

GMT air springs provide high torsional, horizontal and conical displacements, giving a low-frequency ride characteristic for various conditions.
GMT chevron axle springs are multi-purpose vibration reducing elements.
GMT conical springs and rolling rubber springs are used frequently in rail bogie manufacture.
With around 40 years’ industry experience, GMT offers a comprehensive range of components and solutions to boost safety and comfort for rail passengers.
GMT designs and manufactures a variety of extra mounting systems, including bearings, buffers, bushes, control links, multi-layer rubber springs, pivot bearings, and steering rods.

Air spring systems and anti-vibration mounts

GMT provides a broad range of air springs and has the capacity to manufacture customised products to meet specific customer requirements.

GMT has built a name for itself in the rail industry, providing optimised products that are necessary for the railway industry. The company is approved as a supplier for a number of major global manufacturers.

GMT air springs offer low-frequency ride characteristics through their high-torsional, horizontal and conical displacements functions. Air springs are available with optional secondary rubber springs, enabling suspension in the event of a leakage or failure in air supply.

Chevron axle springs

GMT’s chevron axle multi-purpose springs have been designed to reduce vibrations. These components are ideal for all kinds of rail vehicles due to their long lifespan and being easy-to-install.

By selecting the angles of the pairs of chevrons mounted in a V-configuration and the number of interleaves, three different spring stiffnesses can be obtained in the different axes. Selecting the geometric dimensions of the individual rubber layers and the corresponding rubber compounds can also vary the degree of stiffness.

Conical springs

Conical suspension springs are used frequently in rail bogie manufacture. Being vibration isolators and dampers, cone springs allow for relatively large spring displacements and have a progressive load / deflection characteristic. If different degrees of stiffness are required in the X and Y directions, slots can be incorporated into the rubber profile.

Rolling rubber springs

With rolling rubber springs, the need the need for vulcanisation is eliminated through their structure. Comprising of a rubber ring inside and tapering metal pin inside metal housing, they have been designed to designed to allow the rubber to roll and stiffen with deflection due to the make-up of constraining materials.

Additional mounting systems

GMT also produce a wide range of additional mounting systems such as buffers, bushes, spherical bearings, control links, steering rods, multi layer rubber springs and pivot bearings.

Entire suspension systems

GMT is an approved supplier for entire suspension systems and specific components with most major worldwide rail manufacturers, confirming GMT as a recognised leader in rail vehicle anti-vibration and suspension technology.

Precision-built anti-vibration mounts for railways

In an industry where precision is critical, we can provide individualised solutions to meet exact requirements. This is achieved through techniques such as design through computer modelling, including multi-directional vibration and finite element analyses. Product design expectations are met through using advanced simulation technology and dynamic testing in a controlled physical environment.

Customer support

We combine our commitment to innovation with our extensive experience and technical prowess to make sure that customers’ expectations are not only met, but often surpassed.

To find out how we can meet your exact specifications, send us an enquiry using the form on this page.

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