GeoTEL Systems provides surveying solutions for railway track maintenance and construction projects, including track measurement trolleys, data processing software and consultancy services. With 15 years of experience, the company is able to deliver the right solution for all kinds of railway track maintenance and construction jobs.

Railway track surveying and measurement systems

The GeoTEL GG-05 track measuring system allows clients to simplify railway construction operations, including tamping, track renewal, or slab track adjustment before or after concrete pours. For slab track constructions and adjustment, the deviations from the desired position are displayed to the user live with a guidance on how the track should be moved in order to minimise the as-built error.

The system’s hardware consists of a trolley equipped with electronic sensors and a wireless communication module, and either prism mounted on a pole for the position measurement via total station, or a GNSS receiver with an antenna for the measurements via GNSS RTK method.

The GeoTEL RAIL data collection and processing application runs on virtually any laptop, tablet or PC configuration both in the office or the field. It allows the user to visualise railway track designs, compare track as-built with the design, perform full data analysis, and generate reports.

The GeoTEL GG-05 in operation on a metro slab track construction site.
GeoTEL's system being used after concrete has been poured on a construction site.
GeoTEL's system on a ballast track tamping job.
A ballast track tamping job with the GeoTEL GG-05
The solution being used to perform a tamping job on ballast track.
The GeoTEL GG-05 equipped with a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) real-time kinematic (RTK) receiver on a tamping job.
The GeoTEL GG-05 is also available as a dual-trolley system.
The dual-trolley solution offers fast and precise measurements.

For projects that only require relative chainage-based measurements, GeoTEL’s application for personal digital assistants (PDAs) and Android smartphones allows users to collect track cant and gauge measurements.

Highly compatible measuring system

GeoTEL measuring systems are compatible with Leica or Topcon total stations, and various GNSS receivers.

Any GNSS RTK receiver with an LLQ sentence output is supported, whether LLQ is provided directly or via third-party software, such as Carlson SurvCE.

Trolleys can be quickly calibrated using GeoTEL’s Android, Windows CE or desktop Windows applications.

System flexibility for any task

Whether the task requires millimetre precision during slab track construction or centimetre precision during the first tamping passes on the ballast track, you can use the GeoTEL GG-05 system in its optimal configuration.

Use the prism with total station of your choice, as both Leica and Topcon total station brands are supported for high-accuracy measurements, or switch the prism for GNSS RTK receiver when measurement time and speed are critical.

For quick cant and gauge measurements, the trolley can be used in a standalone mode, without a total station or GNSS receiver.

Double-trolley system for high-speed measurements

The GeoTEL GG-05D double-trolley system significantly increases efficiency by using one trolley to record measurements and the other to carry the total station.

It also simplifies resection calculations and reduces the time required to move the total station between measured sections to seconds.

Training and hardware and software customisation

Trolleys are provided with free training at GeoTEL Systems offices or specialists can train directly on-site, allowing customers to begin projects as soon as possible.

Hardware and software can also be customised to meet client requirements, such as specific data or parameter calculations or customized report outputs.

Surveying and measurement services and consultancy

With 15 years of railway surveying experience, the company’s specialists can provide consultancy services to railway project contractors, helping them to resolve recurring issues.