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Maintenance Equipment for Railways, Metro and Tram Lines


Geatech designs and manufactures maintenance equipment for railway, tramway and metro lines.

The company supplies Vossloh, Pandrol and fast clips for tracks, and machines for sleeper and rail drilling, cutting, grinding, and ballast removal, as well as power wrenches and band saws.

It also offers spare parts and accessories for Matisa, Plasser, Donelli, Paganelli and Starfer machines.

The standard power wrench machine model features a 7.3kW / 10Hp diesel engine with a three-wheel trolley.
The hydraulic welding shearing machine for Union of Railways (UIC) rails.
The Geatech-patented BAND SAW Mod. SGN features a two-stroke motor or an electric engine, depending on the variant, and weighs 270kg.
The Vossloh machine Mod. VTC - A (W14 Asymmetrical) is powered by an 8.2kW / 11Hp diesel engine, and weighs 270kg.
The Pandrol clip machine G2-TS, weighing between 103kg and 136kg.
The ballast remover Mod. ESG-3 removes gravel from under three rail flanges at the same time.
The rail grinding machine Mod. SMRA features a four-stroke engine and a grinding wheel.
The hydraulic rail pulling clamp is available with various combinations of control units, rods and cylinders.

Pandrol and Vossloh machines

Geatech provides machines for inserting and removing Pandrol and Vossloh-type clips on railways.

The machines feature attachments, including dismountable frames, hydraulic systems, sleeper lifting devices and clamps.

Power wrench machines and tamping systems

Hydraulic and mechanically operated power wrench machines are available with variable torque for adjusting and maintaining tracks with railway spikes.

Geatech also offers tamping machines, which feature electric or two-stroke endothermic engines, drill bits and chisels.

Ballast removers

Ballast removers are designed to remove gravel from under rail flanges.

The company’s ballast remover Mod.ESG is available with various engines, while the ballast remover Mod. ESG-3 simultaneously removes gravel from under three rail flanges, and is equipped with a flange for coupling to a loader.

Compacting, cutting off machines and band saws

Geatech supplies machines for compacting and levelling ballast that can be mounted on loaders.

Cutting off machines for railways are equipped with two-stroke endothermic motors, counterweighted rail connection arms, and hydraulic and electric engines.

The SGN band saw is designed to cut rails without creating sparks, and is equipped with a practical foldable shear indicator, allowing the user to find the exact location of a previously marked cut.

Sleeper and rail drilling machines

Sleeper drilling machines are provided with transverse travelling gears and gauge-rods for setting drilling depths, as well as a variety of steel drill bits.

Geatech also supplies rail drilling machines, which feature jigs, lubricant pump tanks, and cutters with widia inserts or made from high-speed steel (HSS).

Impact wrenches

Portable impact wrench machines by Geatech can be equipped with speed regulators and trolleys to operate more smoothly on tracks, as well as universal sockets and related accessories.

Grinding and welding applications

Geatech provides hydraulic control units for welding mounted in tubular frames, as well as welding equipment and accessories.

The company also offers hydraulic rail pulling clamps for stressing, which are suitable for UNI50 and UNI60 rails, as well as shearing machines that remove excess weld bead from track joints after thermal welding.

Machines for grinding rail head profiles after aluminothermic welding are also supplied. Some variants are designed to operate continuously, while others offer a flexible shaft to keep the engine away from operators.

Solutions for switchblade grinding, removing rust from rails before welding, and maintenance are also provided.

Handheld tools and equipment for railway maintenance

The company provides crowbars for lifting sleepers and inserting and extracting Pandrol clips. It also offers levers, rail carrying and lifting rollers.

Other railway equipment available includes rail gauge adjusting devices, clamps, arch-hoisting devices, hydraulic and screw jacks, point machine handling systems and re-railing devices.

Electronic detectors and short circuitry and grounding equipment

Geatech provides electronic detectors with visual and acoustic signalling for use on railway lines and installations.

Other electronic products include panels, generators, short circuitry and grounding equipment, shunting cables and site lamp towers.

Trolleys for carrying materials, track spraying and night works

Geatech supplies rail trolleys, which feature insulated frames, multiple wheel types, platform dimensions, mobile plans, parking brakes and tack bumpkins.

The company trolleys are available with lighting towers for illuminating sites at night. The quick-release towers feature support feet that allows easy deployment on any terrain.

Trolleys for spraying track / ballast with low viscosity liquids are also offered as part of whitening operations.

Safety and signalling equipment

Geatech’s safety equipment ranges from safety clothing, such as jackets and reflective vests, to devices for signalling, such as pocket lamps, level crossings signals, safety whistles, air horns, sirens, flags and torches.

Measuring devices for railways

Geatech’s digital and non-digital callipers are used for a range of railway measurements, including rail expansion, wear, wheel rims and tires, track gauges, switch control, and station platform dimensions.

Other measuring devices include dial torque wrenches, optical track measuring equipment, thermometers, and spotting scopes for checking rail alignment.

Lubricants for railway maintenance

Geatech offers biodegradable lubricants for switches, grease for ballast cleaning and bearings, and emulsified oil for rail drilling machines, as well as shoulder and hand pumps.

Spare parts and accessories for railway systems

Geatech offers spare parts, chains and accessories for a wide range of railway systems, including pneumatic and ballast systems, conveyor belts, tamping units and welders.

The company also offers full maintenance and overhaul services for railway solutions.

About Geatech

Founded in 1991 by Carmine Albanese, Geatech Company has since penetrated foreign markets worldwide.

The company has been certified under ISO 9001: 2008 since 2003, and ISO 14001: 2004 since 2011. Located in Bologna, Italy, its facilities cover an area of 2,000m², with 500m² dedicated to a warehouse stocking more than 3,000 items.


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