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Railway Suspension Systems and Rubber-to-Metal Components

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Ferrabyrne designs, develops, manufactures and services a range of rubber-to-metal components and assemblies for railway applications, including locomotives and intercity, regional rail, trams and metros.

Most components are used in safety critical situations, including traction centres, anti-roll systems, links, bushes, mounts and bump stops.

Rubber-to-metal components and assemblies for railways

Ferrabyrne ensures a high level of customer service throughout the organisation, from design concept to final delivery. We are responsible for the original design and development of new products, including life extensions by up to three times.

The Ferrabyrne refurbishment service is provided for the overhaul of bogie suspension systems, air-spring assemblies and lineside fed-kitting packages.

Ferrabyrne traction centre assemblies are designed, tested and manufactured to meet high-level bogie specifications, and the most challenging and arduous working environments.
Ferrabyrne has over 40 years of experience with developing a wide range of high-quality vibration control solutions for the railway industry.
State-of-the-art 3D modelling and FEA stress analysis software in addition to our extensive knowledge and experience has allowed Ferrabyrne to produce high-quality engineered solutions and products for its customers.
One of our core competences is to perform rigorous endurance and life performance predictions within our high-tech testing facility.
In addition to technical products, Ferrabyrne also designs and manufactures complete systems such as anti-roll bar assemblies.

Rail traction centre assemblies

The traction centre transfers the traction loads between the bogie and body, and allows the body to bogie pivot rotation during rail curvature.

Designs are produced using 3D CAD and finite element analysis (FEA). Solutions are developed, produced and validated through our own manufacturing processes and in-house test facilities.

Complete anti-roll systems

We also supply a wide range of complete anti-roll systems comprising of a torsion bar, levers, links and support bearings. These are designed, validated and tested to provide the required roll stiffness and vertical ride characteristics specified for each application.

Torsion bars are manufactured using a combination of processes including forging, bending, heat treatment and precision machining. Our anti-roll bar range includes single-piece bent bars and three-piece sub-assemblies, where separate levers are attached onto a straight torsion bar.

Rail vehicle links

Ferrabyrne’s extensive range of rail vehicle links includes traction, torque reaction, motor nose, lateral and anti-roll bar links. Links are subjected to loads and misalignments, therefore the rubber-to-metal bushes are specifically designed to accommodate radial, torsional and conical movements.

Link bodies are manufactured from SG iron, cast steel, steel forging or flame cut steel, as required for each specific application.

Rail bearings, bushes, mounts and springs

We manufacture centre pivot bushes, anti-roll bar support bearings, radial arm bushes, brake bushes, damper bearings and power module support bearings.

The success of any system incorporating rubber bushes is dependant on good bush design – a combination of profile and compound. Other characteristics can be achieved with a variety of advanced design techniques, including the use of internal bearing and limiting snubber features.

We produce a wide range of mounts for many varied applications, including primary suspension sandwich mounts, chevrons and secondary air-spring emergency mounts.

Engine, motor, gearbox and raft vibration control mounts provide support and help to protect equipment from destructive forces.

Rubber bump stops

Rubber buffers (bump stops) limit the static and dynamic movements of a moving mass such as bogie traction centre movement, as well as many general applications where rubber is used to limit movement and cushion shock loads, e.g. door stops.

Vibration control rubber couplings and shafts

Ferrabyrne offers torsional and transverse vibration control, and high-conical, radial and axial misalignment rubber couplings and shafts, selected for their technical suitability and endurance properties.

We also provide many solutions from the standard range, as well as special designs to meet complex solutions.

Overhauls for bogie suspension systems and sub-assemblies

Our refurbishment package provides a comprehensive service for overhauling major bogie suspension systems and sub-assemblies, returning such systems to the ‘as new’ condition with full kitting for lineside feeding into bogie reassembly. This can also incorporate the servicing of air spring assemblies.

Air-spring assembly maintenance and testing

As the UK authorised service centre for ContiTech, Ferrabyrne has established state-of-the-art maintenance and test facilities for air-spring assemblies. This service is supported by our regular 360° collection and delivery service.

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