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Paint and Coatings for the Railway Industry

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CARGO-LAKK produces and distributes water-based paint and solvent-free coatings for the railway industry.

We have a production capacity of up to 700 tonnes a year, including specialties such as coatings for freight wagons, rail tankers, hopper wagons, wheelsets and axles, as well as thermochromic paint and fire-resistant coatings.

Water-based paint and solvent-free coatings for the railway industry

Our product range includes all types of industrial paints such as one-component, acrylic and alkyd copolymer binder coatings, as well as two-component epoxy and polyurethane top coatings, and enamels in matte, silk and high-gloss finish.

CARGO-LAKK offers water-based and solvent free coatings for the railway industry.
The company provides CARGOPUR, an elastic, solvent-free polyurethane coating for the railway industry.
Thermo-sensitive paint (BAHNFARBE H) is available for freight wagon wheels.
CARGO-LAKK offers bright signal paint for handles and hooks and paint spray cans for repair jobs.

Solvent and waterborne anti-graffiti and clear coatings are available along with coatings designed for food contact surfaces. Waterborne intumescent coatings for railway components are also made according to EN-45545-2:2016.

Highly adhesive railway vehicle primers and paint

The high-quality adhesion characteristics of our primers and single-layer coatings make them suitable for the protection of different materials such as steel, cast iron, aluminium, non-ferrous metals and various plastics.

We support our clients with on-site technical supervision, sampling and measurements, as well as laboratory testing.

Primers and coatings for railway vehicles

Bahnfarbe EP Aqua Monokolor direct-to-metal (DTM) exterior paint does not require an anti-corrosion primer as it has a 1,000-hour salt spray rating.  The paint has a 1:1 mixing ratio with epoxy hardener and its pot-life can be adjusted to a spray system.

Our Bahnfarbe EP Aqua Monokolor paint dries with a semi-gloss finish in one day, which halves the time that would be required for drying with a two-layer system that includes primer.

The paint is ideal for refinishing axles and bogies. It is currently being tested according to EN13261-Class 3 coatings for axles and wheels.

Thermochromic paint for railway wheels

Bahnfarbe H Indicatorpaint is a thermochromic paint produced by CARGO-LAKK for freight wagon wheels, which are equipped with conventional steel block brakes that can overheat when blocked.

Our paint reacts to temperatures over 250°C to visibly indicate that the wheel’s brake system is faulty.

Fire-resistant and solvent-free paint solutions for railway passenger vehicles

CargoTherm is our fire-resistant intumescent coating that has been tested under EN 45545-2:2016 for aluminium and steel surfaces. It is specially designed for aluminium doors and inner separation walls on passenger coaches. It is a water-based sprayable paint that dries very quickly.

Bahnfarbe EP ST is solvent-free coating and inner lining for hopper wagons and transport of food, salt and grain, which is also resistant to fertilizer or other chemicals.

A separate division of CARGO-LAKK provides solutions to handle noise from railway maintenance. Our dFence foldable mobile noise control mats can be fixed to buildings or fences and are durable, weather-proof and easy to handle. Find out more information in our white paper section.


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