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Rail Vehicle Design Engineering and Consulting

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Calamai e Agresti is an engineering and consulting company located in Pistoia, Italy. Founded in 1997, the company provides technical services to railway operators, manufacturers and suppliers. Our core business is mainly focused on:

  • The design of complete railway and tramway vehicles (locomotives, freight cars, passenger rolling stocks, maintenance vehicles, trams and LRVs)
  • The design of pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and electronic installations
  • The design and calculation of car bodies
  • The design and calculation of bogies
  • Specification analysis and documents editing for competitive binding
  • Exceptional transportation systems
  • Revamping, refurbishment and damaged vehicle repairing services

Railway vehicle design, structural and functional calculation

The company has reliable and well-documented experience in the design, structural and functional calculation of structures (car bodies), plants and system integration, and everything (mechanical and electrical) linked to railway vehicles, including locomotives.

In the past we have mainly worked with Italian railway manufacturers, including Ansaldobreda and Firema, however our technicians often interface directly with international operators. We have designed subsystems for Sirio tram (Milan, Neaples and Sassari), Madrid and Rome, as well as metros, LRVs, and Italian and European trains.

Calamai e Agresti has been involved in various projects with high technological and innovative contents, including:

Eurotunnel firefighting tank car body (solid model).
Special bogie-underframe connection used to test on the existing locomotive E402B, an experimental bogie (image from the FEM analysis).
Single-axle self-aligning trailer bogie for the Lille tram (solid model outline).
  • Single axle self-aligning trailer bogie and the articulated motor bogie for the Lille tram in France
  • Experimental linear motor driverless metro vehicle (bogie and car body)
  • Experimental high-speed trailer bogie for high speed Italian train
  • The first stainless-steel passenger car body in partnership with the Italian National Research Council

We are also solidly linked to a large variety of local companies, allowing us to cover exterior and the interior design, the construction of subassemblies, small series, mock-ups and prototypes.

Revamping and refurbishment of damaged railway vehicles

Operators often need to modernise or repair their vehicle due to small accidents and damages. Calamai e Agresti has extensive experience in revamping and refurbishing plants, car bodies and bogies of railway, metro and tram vehicles. Recently we have been involved in the revamping of the Rome, Milan and Paris metros, as well as the design of special interface structures.

Calamai e Agresti is the design and engineering partner of Italian companies ECM and Maier, who are currently installing the SSC – RSDD system (Italian automatic train protection system) on the Aln668, D345, D145 and D449 Italian locomotives.

We have also worked alongside Italy’s main train operator, Trenitalia, in the installation of the door opening system improvement on E444R, E626, E402A and E402B Italian locomotives, the revamping of the E652 locomotive, and the investigation and solution of the corrosion issue on the Eurofima bogies.

From analysing damaged vehicles through to supporting the workshop during repairing activities, Calamai e Agresti provides the technical documentation (calculation documents, drawings, etc) needed for homologation and approval.

Freight car and maintenance vehicle design

Calamai e Agresti offers a design service for freight cars, bogies and maintenance vehicles. For example, we recently designed the underframe of a water-tank car for Eurotunnel, and the articulated frame of the new maintenance vehicles for the Florence tramway.


  • Naples-Afragola High-Speed Train Station, Naples

    Naples-Afragola is a proposed high-speed railway station in the city of Naples, Italy. Italy's state-owned railway network operator Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) is responsible for the implementation of the project.

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