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Rail Maintenance Equipment and Measuring Instruments


Beijing YHD Railway Equipment (YHD) specialises in railway maintenance machines, including grinding, rail cutting, drilling and tamping solutions.

The company also provides equipment for measuring rail profiles, stress-free temperature testing systems, and rail flaw detection trolleys.

In addition, YHD offers training and maintenance services for rail flaw detection, grinding, welding and track measurement.

The G1 grinds rail heads and removes weld beads at welding joints.
The G2 grinding machine features a digitally controlled grindstone, with around -90° to 90° rotation, and a 65mm stroke going up and down. The position of the grindstone is displayed on a control panel.
The G10 rail milling machine allows operators to adjust its feeding rate and lock cutting plate at any time. The adjustable milling angle is from approximately −30° to 30°.
The lithium battery-powered, digitally-controlled T1B wrench is capable of tightening and loosening a total of 2,000 bolts in a single battery charge.
The heavy-duty multipurpose T4 wrench offers two functions in one unit. Its pivoting screw head allows vertical and horizontal fastening work.
The D13A ultra-light rail drilling machine automatically feeds in lubricant during operation, and drills accurately within 0.2mm. Its drilling stroke is 50mm.
C1 Gasoline Rail Cutter
High precision cutting with horizontal and vertical deviation less than 1%. Automatically adjustable cutter shield according to the movement of cutting wheel ensures highest safety requirement.
YHD supplies D5 internal combustion vibration tamping picks, which use non-impact methods that meet railway standard requirements and cause no damage to ballast or sleepers.

Grinding and rail milling machines

YHD provides machines for grinding rail heads, webs and switches, as well as solutions for removing corrugation from rail heads, rust from rail surfaces, and beads after welding.

The company’s rail milling machine reconditions over-sized rails with flow edges.

Wrenches for railway bolts

YHD supplies portable impact wrenches and digitally controlled wrenches powered by lithium batteries.

It also offers internal combustion wrenches and hydraulic power wrenches, which secure anchoring rail bolts to sleepers.

Rail cutters and drilling machines

YHD offers rail cutters that are accurate to within 1%, and light two-way swing-type rail cutters.

The company’s drilling solutions include ultra-light machines with compact, robust designs, and nylon sleeve machines.

Adjusting equipment and tampers for ballast track beds

YHD offers equipment for exerting rail vibration to relieve rail stress, hydraulic rail tensors for seamless rails, and rail gauge regulators, which use cylinder pressure to pull the rail.

Light tampers are available for maintaining ballast track beds, while internal combustion provide minimal vibration

Track gauge measuring devices

YHD offers devices for measuring track gauge, corrugation, profiles on cross-sectional and line rail, and straightness after welding.

Point rail sinking / worn meters can be used to measure distances between heart, wing, point and basic rails.

A stress-free temperature detection system is available with an operation temperature between -40°C and 80°C.

Supporting equipment and accessories

The company’s supporting equipment includes three-phase gasoline generators, pump stations and track carts. Other accessories include drill bits, grinding wheels, cutting discs, self-locking nuts, and solutions for large track maintenance machinery.

About Beijing YHD Railway Equipment

YHD was founded in Beijing, China, in 2001. The company is a high-tech enterprise and member of the China Railway Society Public Works Committee, with a strong and experienced R&D team.

YHD’s 32,000m² manufacturing factory and warehouse is equipped with modern computer numeric control (CNC) machines from Germany, which are controlled by a strict quality management system.

The company is certified by both China Railway Product Certification Center (CRCC) and the Conformité Européene (CE) marking. With the rapid development of the high-speed railway sector in China over the last decade, it is a leading brand in the Chinese railway maintenance sector, with a reputation of high customer satisfaction.

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