ASAP Mobility collaborates with Monash University Malaysia to develop solutions for early recognition of the hazards and safety-related failures in a fully operational railway system.

ASAP Mobility is proud to announce that it has recently entered into a collaboration agreement with Monash University Malaysia in developing solutions for early recognition of the hazards and safety-related failures in a fully operational railway system. The collaboration agreement was signed on 5 May 2021.

This new partnership between ASAP Mobility and Monash University is viewed as a unique opportunity that encompasses a comprehensive platform to provide research and development (R&D) capabilities to meet the needs of the railway industry.

Over the last few decades, railway transport has become one of the most preferred modes of travel for commuters. This massive increase in rail travel corresponds with the need for railway operators to consistently ensure operational safety and reliability of the system.

Rail systems comprise a wide variety of safety-relevant systems like signalling, rolling stock, traction power and communications. Most of the systems are software-based electronic equipment and devices. Such systems generate and receive volumes of status and operational data during operations which are mandatorily logged. In some areas and on the systems side, data analytic techniques are already being applied for early detection of failures. But there are still many areas that need further exploration and development for early detection of serious failures or early prediction of a developing crisis scenario.

The collaboration of ASAP Mobility and Monash University proposes to use this enormous volume of logged and current operational data for early recognition and analysis of hazards, reliability and safety-related failures. Predictive analytics using machine learning and data will be used for this purpose.

This research is being undertaken by Mr Ratan Mukhopadhyay, research director at ASAP Mobility, Ir Dr Joanne Lim Mun Yee, research principal investigator at Monash University, Mr Tan Zhi Yang, research engineer and Ms Murniyati Salwa, industrial supervisor at ASAP Mobility.

ASAP Mobility is a system engineering and consultancy company based in Malaysia. It has currently undertaken projects in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, India, Egypt, Hungary, and Switzerland. It has a long-term plan to venture into many more foreign markets in an effort to establish a global footprint.

Established in 1998, Monash University Malaysia is the third-largest campus of Australia’s largest university. As a self-accrediting institution of higher learning, it offers a distinctly international and culturally rich environment with approximately 9,000 students from 78 different countries and 900 staff from 34 countries. Monash University Malaysia obtained an Outstanding (6-Star) in the Malaysia Rating for University and University College Excellence (SETARA) 2020.

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