AL-KO factory in Abadiano, Spain

AL-KO characteristics

  • AL-KO is a German multinational
  • AL-KO is a damper specialist since 1940
  • AL-KO sells damper for railway applications: primary vertical, secondary vertical, lateral, anti-yaw, inter-coach longitudinal and transversal, pantograph systems and coach doors
  • AL-KO is the leader in Europe in dampers for pneumatic suspension for trucks
  • AL-KO also sells gas dampers
  • AL-KO designs and manufactures dampers and sells its products in more than 70 countries
  • AL-KO has its own fully equipped test laboratory
  • AL-KO delivers 70% of its dampers to initial equipment applications
  • AL-KO Quality for Life

‘Positioned to become your partner’

With over 80 years of history, AL-KO is a pioneer in various industries and is present in over 50 countries on the five continents.

AL-KO’s competence centre in Spain

In Abadiano, in the Basque Country, Spain, AL-KO has located its competence centre for the design and manufacturing of shock absorbers, with more than 300 workers dedicated to research, engineering and production of customised suspension solutions. From there, the Spanish, German and Chinese manufacturing plants are coordinated.

Primary vertical damper.
Secondary vertical damper.
Lateral damper.
Yaw damper.
Inter-coach damper.
Pantograph damper.

AL-KO has a highly competitive product, which is a result of a lengthy design rationalisation process, the continuous search worldwide for competitive suppliers and the permanent investment in streamlining manufacturing processes. Today, it has a high degree of automation without losing flexibility so as to manufacture even small series.

Shock absorbers for railway applications

AL-KO supplies shock absorbers for various types of vehicles such as trucks, buses and passenger vehicles, as well as special applications and all railway applications.

AL-KO´s railway shock absorbers are suitable to be applied on all rolling stock types such as commuter trains, metro and tram carriages and locomotives.

AL-KO’s product portfolio

The product portfolio includes applications for bogie suspension, applications for inter coach suspension as well as shock absorbers for pantograph systems and door suspension.
AL-KO is always at your service to support customers in close cooperation and to work at a detailed level to achieve the required awareness of the system and product, as well as its interactions in order to offer a competitive solution.

AL-KO positions its products with a combination of the best characteristics of the leaders in the market in all business aspects, like product performance, quality level, overall service capability and price level, aiming to give the customer the optimum value for money.

Although we have defined a minimum product performance level, we continue improving our current product capabilities reflecting all customer and market requirements we encounter as this is a part of our continuous improvement philosophy.

AL-KO’s distribution and logistics services

We offer what we can serve. AL-KO Abadiano is also a distribution centre. Logistical coordination between plants, coupled with sizeable stock levels allowing for excellent delivery services to customers anywhere in the world, serving a comprehensive distribution network that reaches over seventy countries, with Europe being the principal destination of their products.

The European market is characterised by its stringent requirement in terms of quality and service and it is precisely at that point where AL-KO has found greater recognition.

AL-KO’s brand promise and commitment

AL-KO is committed to quality as the cornerstone for the entire manufacturing process, reason why all its products are guaranteed.

Endorsing this commitment, with long term warranties for its products:

AL-KO: Quality for Life

Our brand promise drives us to produce innovative products and services in all business areas, not just to satisfy our customers, but to inspire them as well.

For us, quality means that all the efforts of our company are geared towards giving our customers comfort, safety and joy.

We appreciate your interest in AL-KO and hope it will evolve in a long term relationship and that our partnership will bring us together a successful and enjoyable future.

We therefore invite you to contact us to review your system requirements, present our product performance and offer an optimum solution.

"Our performance and commitment will be translated in a long term relationship with you."