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Designer and Manufacturer of High-Performance Railway Components

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A & G Price is a globally recognised provider of rail components and unique in its capability to offer design, casting, non-destructive testing (NDT), machining, painting and fabrication to a global client-base, all in-house from a single site in Thames, New Zealand.

While no longer performing ground-up manufacturing of locomotives and rolling stock, A & G Price is well-respected as a manufacturer of rail componentry to international rail design / manufacturers such as Bombardier Transportation, Voith Turbo Pty Ltd and Downer EDI Rail.

Moulding lines for railway components

Our foundry runs two semi-mechanical plate moulding line for small production runs of components up to 1,100mm x 900mm in size and a large hand moulding shop for components up to 4,000m x 4,000m.

Materials can be cast and certified in accordance with all international standards for cast and ductile irons, all grades of steel, stainless steel and most nonferrous grades.

A & G is an internationally respected designer and manufacturer of railway components.
A & G Price provides services for the refurbishment and overhaul of railway bogies according to international standards.
Our workshop in New Zealand is 114m-long and allows the manufacturing of fabricated rail components.
A & G’s production facility also has a 20t overhead lifting capacity.
Our foundry allows materials to be cast and certified to meet all international railway regulations.

Although located in New Zealand, the CER relationship between NZ and Australia ensures that for state and federal tender purposes, New Zealand manufacture is classed as ‘local content’.

Our long-standing commitment to ISO:9001 certification has ensured the company has not only identified its self to the stringent demands of the rail industry, but also a substantial proportion of its manufacture is componentry to both national and international government defence agencies.

Cast components and reverse engineering services for rail operators

In addition to a regular volume supplier of cast components to rail, A & G Price offers a reverse engineering service to smaller rail operators that require smaller volumes of componentry cast when the OEM has discontinued supply. This is achieved by 3D scanning the component and minimising pattern manufacturing costs by 3D sand printing moulds.

Refurbishment for rail wheel sets, gearboxes and overhaul of bogies

As well as the ability to manufacture bogies to a cast weight of 6t and machine them in-house to very fine tolerances, A & G Price also offers a refurbishment service to rail operators for wheel sets, gearboxes, bolsters and side frames, and complete bogie overhauls.

Fabricated components can be manufactured in our 114m-long workshop with 20t overhead lifting capacity and welded to various international standards with all staff qualified according to the appropriate procedures before commencement of work.

Efficient production of rail components

With turning capacity up to 6,150mm in diameter and milling capacity of 10m in length, we have the ability to machine all our manufactured components in-house. This reduces the risk of errors and late deliveries for clients.

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