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Wi-Fi Internet Access Platforms for Rail Passengers


Wifi spark

WiFi SPARK is a leading specialist in public wireless solutions for the railway industry.

The company has developed the unique SPARK® platform, which delivers a flexible, feature-rich and scalable solution for guest access Wi-Fi.

WiFi SPARK has now introduced an industry-leading Wi-Fi solution that enables train operators to deliver continuous connectivity to passengers from station to train and vice-versa.

WiFi SPARK installs and manages world-class Wi-Fi, connecting thousands of rail passengers to the internet every day.
The SPARK® controller recognises returning passengers’ devices and reconnects them every day with a personalised ‘welcome back’ message.
Roaming enables the passenger to move between the station and the train without losing connectivity on their devices.
As the train approaches the station, connectivity is offloaded onto the station Wi-Fi, ensuring that passengers have the best connection available.
For added security, WiFi SPARK can offer separate corporate, guest and public networks.
WiFi SPARK installation engineers have regular technical training and are accredited with equipment vendors.

Easy-to-use Wi-Fi internet services for rail passengers

SPARK offers a single passenger Wi-Fi sign-on for a continuously connected journey from the station to the train.

The platform allows passengers to connect from the start of their journey until they reach their destination, without having to log in multiple times.

Once a passenger has logged in, the innovative WiFi SPARK technology will recognise their device and automatically reconnect them when they return to the station with a personalised ‘welcome back’ message.

WiFi SPARK also provides the option to have secure corporate Wi-Fi, with no need for additional infrastructure.

Data offloading for consistent internet connectivity

As the train approaches the station, the connectivity is offloaded onto the station Wi-Fi, ensuring that passengers have the best connection available and so that train systems and infotainment can be updated.

This increases cost-efficiency for train operators as it incorporates cost-effective station connectivity, compared to mobile data.

Any data collected becomes the property of the operator, and is not used or sold by WiFi SPARK.

Rail passenger analytics for revenue generation

WiFi SPARK provides numerous opportunities to gather and use passenger data to develop tailored engagement with passengers. The solution can help clients to upsell tickets, and generate revenue from advertising and sponsorship.

Passengers can be authenticated in a variety of ways, and the data collected is posted to the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) to enable better passenger engagement and drive return on investment (ROI).

Data is presented in easy-to-understand reports, which includes the option for clients to obtain further socio-demographic insights, and understand passengers’ journey analytics, behaviours, and trends.

About WiFi SPARK

WiFi SPARK collaborates closely with its customers to deliver a guest Wi-Fi solution that delivers precisely what is required. It offers world-class connectivity, analytics, marketing opportunities, and a premium user experience for invaluable ROI.

The company follows documented procedures in line with ISO: 9001 Quality Management System requirements. It is an approved work-safe contractor registered with the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).

WiFi SPARK has enabled thousands of sites to offer Wi-Fi to millions of users worldwide.

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