Simpleway Europe is a worldwide provider of passenger information systems and software ideal for railroads, in docks or within public transport networks.

The company’s unified information platform processes up-to-date data and passes it on to passengers through audio messages, screens, LED panels, information booths, mobile phones, websites, and social media.

Geolocation data processing for rail scheduling applications

The Simpleway System receives and interconnects data provided by a wide range of operators.

It routinely processes geolocation data for determining the location of individual vehicles, schedule information and the transport network state, as well as up-to-date routing.

A list of announcements, which are ordered by departure time.
The Simpleway System allows operators to set announcements.
The image shows a design of displaying rail vehicle current location on the map.
A vertical listing of departures ordered by their actual departure time.
Departures can be listed and ordered horizontally.
A display design that shows train departure and safety announcement.

The system also works with data from all information distribution devices, such as radio systems, screens, LED panels, and interactive booths.

The Simpleway System aims to process the input data, analyse it and automatically create announcements, ensuring that all devices connected to the system are monitored.

Passenger experience development

Passengers and citizens appreciate an enhanced travel experience, using real-time, up-to-date information via all communication channels such as:

  • Audio and visual announcements at stations, on-board and in other public areas
  • Mobile applications of cities and regions, carriers or stops, stations and airports
  • Websites and social media connected to the software

The Simpleway System features methods of controlling and managing the travel experience of passengers. For greater comfort, it is possible to use one or more information channels, defining a unique way of information presentation for each channel used.

The assigner can decide the type of channels and the way the information is presented, as well as changing the information without the need to adjust the system core.

Business rules engine of airport passenger information systems

Simpleway’s Business Rules Engine is a message distribution tool that uses an open Java Script interface for easy administration and the option of defining an individual automatic communication strategy for individual devices or at passenger level.

The independent, flexible and complex platform supports administration via internal sources, adjustments and additions of individual business rules in Java Script coding, and can be integrated with additional sources.

The data directly created by the system automatically become the property of the assigner.

Marketing, commercial and additional message distribution

Simpleway supports the option of integrating systems for commercial message and additional information management into the software, such as weather, safety and points of interest.

The company’s system is designed for all carriers, and regional and city authorities who want to improve the appeal and usability of transport networks through enhanced reliability.

Key features and advantages of the Simpleway’s PIS include:

  • Integration of data from various providers, as well as data sources containing schedules and current location of vehicles independent of the number of carriers (GTFS/GTFS-R and other data compatibility as default)
  • Integration of geographic data regarding the location of stops and stations, routing and other available routes within a particular transport network
  • Integration of existing radio systems, screens and LED panels within a particular transport network
  • Device monitoring and reporting states of emergency
  • Open Java Script interface
  • System supporting integration of additional devices
  • Exclusive assigner ownership of the data created by the system
  • Option of defining individual automatic communication strategies, or the required action upon individual use cases
  • Integration of commercial and support information distribution systems (POIs, weather, safety, etc.)
  • Option of managing the traveller’s experience