Nomad Digital

Nomad Digital is a leading provider of wireless connectivity and ICT solutions for the rail industry.

The company’s comprehensive portfolio significantly enhances the passenger experience, while delivering improved fleet reliability, safety and operational efficiency.

On-board entertainment, and Wi-Fi connectivity for rail passengers

Nomad’s solutions include its market-leading suite of connectivity and Wi-Fi products and services, passenger information systems (PIS), and on-board entertainment platforms, as well as its remote online condition monitoring (ROCM) and reliability centred maintenance (RCM) services.

Nomad is committed to developing innovative solutions that benefit the transport industry and its customers. The company has introduced a number of connectivity solutions, including:

Nomad Digital provides wireless connectivity and ICT solutions for train passengers.
The company's real-time solutions are accessible through a range of applications, such as vehicle displays or portable devices.
Nomad's solutions entertain and inform four million passengers every day.
Nomad's services include internet access, travel information, security applications, and ordering food.
Normad's knowledge and tools extract and interpret critical operational data for rail applications.
Nomad has pioneered geo-location information for on-board and passenger devices.
Nomad's systems cover 50,000 miles of track every year, and allow more than seven million Wi-FI sessions every month.
Nomad can offer dual screens for both advertising and journey information.
  • Tunnel connectivity passenger Wi-Fi solution
  • On-board movie-on-demand service to passengers using Wi-Fi
  • Seamless train-station platform Wi-Fi session handover
  • Real-time automated integrated passenger information portal and PIS

Nomad combines unique services and solutions that comprise Wi-Fi connectivity, PIS and infotainment, as well as real-time remote monitoring of vehicle efficiency and safety.

Fully integrated communication network for trains

Nomad is the pioneer of a unified and fully integrated internet protocol (IP) communication network that enables superior bandwidth and high availability.

It also enables inter-connectivity for on-board systems, devices and applications, as well as operations and maintenance improvements of train fleets worldwide.

The company’s next-generation communications platform maximises on-board data, generates complete system intelligence and creates operational, financial and experiential benefits for operators and passengers.

Nomad’s communication platform is the foundation for all connected services on-board, and enables future-proof designs for developing market and operator needs.

Rail passenger information and entertainment solutions

Nomad provides innovative, real-time passenger solutions via a range of applications, either by passenger devices and / or vehicle displays.

This covers an extensive range of passenger services, including internet access, travel information, entertainment delivery and security applications.

Nomad’s solutions currently inform and entertain four million passengers a day worldwide.

Intelligent fleet management for financial and energy savings

Nomad provides rail operators with real-time, end-to-end solutions to gather, analyse and interpret data from numerous on-board systems and isolated components.

The company provides remote connectivity to previously offline digital and analogue legacy systems, as well as knowledge and tools to extract and interpret critical operational data.

This enables operators to perform real-time analysis on-board, receive automatic alerts of impending equipment failures, and feed the relevant information in real-time to operation departments and maintenance depots.

Using Nomad’s powerful onshore tool, historical diagnostic data is available for analysis at any time to support improved decision making.

Intelligent fleet management is delivered by Nomad Tech, an innovative technical collaboration with EMEF, the Portuguese Railways company for rolling stock maintenance.

About Nomad Digital

Founded in the UK in 2002, Nomad has introduced market-leading solutions to more than 50 major customers, including Alstom, Bombardier and Hitachi, as well as train-operating companies (TOCs) such as Amtrak, Eurostar, GWR, NS, NSB, PKP, Queensland Rail, Virgin and Via Rail.

Nomad’s passenger Wi-Fi services are deployed on 75% of all connected trains in the UK, and it has a 47% market share of Wi-Fi-enabled vehicles in the international rail sector.

Nomad’s technology is used by 1.7 billion passengers annually, on more than 11,000 vehicles with 36,000 PIS screens. Its systems enable more than seven million Wi-Fi sessions monthly and cover 50,000 miles of track a year.