MOBATIME is the leading brand for innovative time display, time distribution and synchronization systems. Equipment and components are developed, manufactured and promoted by Moser-Baer, Switzerland. MOBATIME offers practical experience and extensive technological know-how in time systems for a wide range of application fields. This includes outdoor and indoor clocks, clock movements, master clocks and time servers.

Clocks and time-distribution systems for railway and metro

MOBATIME has many years of practical experience and extensive technology appropriate for clocks and time-distribution systems for railways and metro.

GPS-synchronized master clocks and sub-master clocks

Centralized systems for railway/metro applications usually have a network consisting of a GPS synchronized main master clock, located in the OCC, and a number of sub-master clocks at various train stations. These master clocks then synchronize slave clocks and other IT systems in their environment, in the OCC and stations, whereas the main master clock is connected with all sub-master clocks by means of the FOTS and appropriate protocols e.g. NTP.

MOBATIME can offer a variety of products and components for such applications and provides full customer support with regard to general system approach, depending on BoQ and other customer requirements.

MOBATIME provides high quality railway clocks and metro time-distribution systems.
MOBATIME can replace obsolete clock equipment with state-of-the-art solution.
Metro time-distribution systems consist of a GPS-synchronized main master clock and a number of sub-master clocks.

Transmission system for slave clocks

MOBALine is a two-wire transmission system for maintenance-free self-setting slave clocks and remotely synchronized computer-based systems.

MOBALine sets the time of:

  • Self-setting digital and analog slave clocks
  • Relays – switching of remotely located loads such as light, heat and bells
  • Any system designed to be synchronized by DCF antennas
  • Any system designed to be synchronized by AFNOR or IRIG-B codes

Its advantages include data transmission with self-correcting code, two-wire low-voltage cable for data and power, and maintenance-free, centralized time-distribution. It allows new slave clocks to be installed under power.

MOBALine is well-established in many different fields such as airports, industries, administration buildings, hospitals and schools.

Customized outdoor rail clocks, clock movements and master clocks

For railways, MOBATIME has developed specific outdoor clocks, exactly following the relevant customer specification regarding design, modular concept approach, reliability, maintainability, integration into electrical and / or IT infrastructure. Many railways use MOBATIME clocks, clock movements and master clocks.

Wireless time distribution (WTD) technology

This new dimension of time distribution technology offers:

  • High flexibility for new time systems or the extension of existing clock systems in a convenient way
  • Simple and economic installation, providing essential cost savings
  • High reliability in time synchronization over distances of up to 200m
  • The WTD transmitter can be easily integrated into plastic cable ducts
  • Use of unlimited number of slave clocks within the range of a transmitter

WTD technology is available for a variety of applications. These include low-cost wireless installation for small clock systems in historic buildings under monument protection; simple retrofitting of existing clock systems in schools; and extension of existing wired clock systems in buildings and open-plan offices.

Time systems, clocks and time reference in railway

Rail clients who have used our clocks include:

  • Swiss Federal Railways (SBB/CFF/FFS)
  • French Railways (SNCF)
  • German Railways (DB)
  • Dutch Railways (NS)
  • Italian State Railways (FS)
  • Mexico-Monterrey Railway
  • Portuguese Railways (CP)
  • Railway KCRC, Hong Kong
  • Railway MTR, Hong Kong
  • Russian State Railways
  • Singapore Circle Line (SCL) Railway
  • Spanish Railways (RENFE)
  • Taiwan’s high-speed railway
  • Rhätische Bahn, Switzerland
  • Südostbahn, Switzerland
  • Zentralbahn, Switzerland
  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, New Delhi, India
  • Kazan Metro, Kazan, Russia
  • Light rail transit (LRT), Bursa, Turkey
  • LRT, Dublin, Ireland
  • LRT, Singapore
  • Manila MRT, Philippines
  • Mashad Metro, Isfahan, Iran
  • METROFOR Linha Sul, Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Metropolitana, Genova, Italy
  • Metropolitana, Naples, Italy
  • Minsk Metro, Belarus
  • Singapore SMRT, Singapore
  • Stadtbahn Rhein/Ruhr Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Vienna U-Bahn, Austria
  • Saint Petersburg Metro, Russia
  • Novosibirsk Metro, Russia
  • Bangalore International Airport, India
  • Hyderabad International Airport, India
  • Delhi International Airport, India