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Railway Station Messaging and Communication

LPT-IT, a designer and manufacturer of public transport information systems, provides traffic information at railway stations, right on time. Our mission is to create comprehensible information to passengers, your guests, by using ‘clear messaging’. The vias software portfolio includes viasPIS, viasINFOPOINT and viasPAS.

Clear messaging is important. The navigation of a railway station can be difficult, while worrying about missing a train is an extremely stressful feeling and can lead to a negative experience of the railway station. By having clear communication, both in text and speech, you can significantly improve your passengers’ experience of the railway station to become more positive and their preferred point of travel.

Railway passenger announcement systems

viasPAS is the newest software programme in the vias public information system for railway stations range, which provides traffic information to passengers. viasPAS (passenger announcement system) is a fully automatic announcement system that is perfect for railway stations. Announcements can automatically be directed at individual tracks, halls, and escalators and stairways passages. viasPAS can handle TTS (text-to-speech) options, make announcements based upon pre-recorded phrases and be operated manually.

viasPAS ensures clear and correct pronunciation in languages chosen by you. PAS (passenger announcement system) is a fully automatic customised text-to-speech modular software.

viasPAS is compatible with any public information system (PIS) or traffic information system currently used in your railway station. viasPAS has a setup webpage for configuration and a web service for the interface to your PIS-system.

The system uses a communication process to gather data from the PIS, a core process that controls time-based messages and event-based messages. The viasPAS also offers an informational webpage for the operator for confirmation of delivered messages.

Public information systems with external units

viasPIS is a public information system, which combines two units: operating logic and display part. Operating logic consists of timetables, real-time data, detection of stopped trains and delay calculations. The display server performs the tasks determining what is to be displayed, where and when. The system runs both on Linux and Windows platforms and can manage a large number of external units with both text and speech.

vias (re)configures online, implements changes without interruptions and reacts swiftly to external incidents. The time taken by the system from registering an incident to implementing all the necessary actions is typically 1s to 2s. vias is scalable and easily adjusts to the amount of data and the number of traffic nodes. No hard-coded relations are in vias, while station names, short names or platform numbers are not in the source code.

Automatic audio announcements of display content for visually impaired customers

viasINFOPOINT provides visually impaired passengers with the correct information, without assistance. Customers can independently navigate their way through your railway station and enjoy your facilities. viasINFOPOINT is a modular software that can be added as an extension to your current PIS system. The application has a small, embedded Linux controller connected to a loudspeaker and a built-in infrared sensor that detects when a person is present.

About LPT-IT

The main focus at LPT-IT is you, our partner, and ultimately the customers and guests at your railway station. All our software, including viasPIS, viasINFOPOINT and viasPAS, is customisable to your needs. Every railway station is unique and faces different challenges in attracting and maintaining business, to be the preferred point of travel. We wish to support your quest by delivering passenger information software with high reliability and usability.


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    The 50km Hanze Line (Hanzelijn) runs between Lelystad and Zwolle in the Netherlands to ease commuter congestion on the roads between Amsterdam and the provinces of Groningen and Friesland.

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