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Passenger Information Systems for Public Transport Applications

LANCom is a leading provider of systems integration, business informatics and passenger information system (PIS) software for transport users.

LANCom PIS© is designed to provide the latest train, bus, metro and tram times for passengers using public transport. It also supplies information about delays, cancellations and other events in a clear and straightforward manner, enabling more effective travel planning.

Passenger information systems for the transport industry

LANCom PIS increases overall passenger comfort and their level of satisfaction with the service provider, improving the chance of them opting for the same services again.

LANCom PIS on self-standing displays in the waiting room.
The scheme shows external data integration into LANCom PIS and data distribution to dislocated units.
The system offers both video and audio notifications.
The LANCom PIS obtains GPS coordinates of vehicle locations, which are integrated into a GIS map.
The graph shows train routes and their crossings.
LANCom PIS layout is flexible to any display size or type.
The modern web user interface facilitates traffic management applications.
Unexpected delays, cancellations or obstructions can be displayed.
The LANCom PIS enables more time-efficient journey planning.

The system receives all the relevant information about individual rides from the selected vehicles. In most cases, it is connected to signal devices on the railway lines or with GPS position inputs from the vehicles.

This connectivity enables a dynamic calculation of actual delays and advanced anticipation of arrivals at each station. Unforeseen events (cancellations, re-routing, obstructions, etc.) are entered and managed via a central web interface. Otherwise, the system can be automatically operated.

Video and audio passenger notifications

LANCom’s PIS displays important travel information on robust screens. All units can be positioned out in the open and at different locations such as waiting rooms, underpasses, halls and vehicles.

The system supports pre-recorded audio files, text-to-speech audio generation or a combination of both in various languages. Automatic audio notifications are then generated and played in selected zones and times.

The audio and video information is always in-sync, irrespective of potential delays or obstructions.

Passenger information software for public transport networks

LANCom’s PIS offers a wide range of features and advantages, including:

  • Easy integration to various types of public transport, including rail, bus, tram and metro
  • Modern technologies: innovative user experience supported by internet of things (IoT) approaches for simple and transparent remote traffic management
  • On-premise installation or Cloud-based installation options available
  • Delay management: dynamic computation of delays from various sources such as signalling devices, GPS signals, web services or manual entries with delay priorities
  • GIS maps: system receives GPS coordinates of vehicles positions, which are integrated into a comprehensive GIS map
  • Driver displays: on-board human-machine interface (HMI) devices that enable drivers to see their daily routes with estimated arrival / departure times in real-time
  • Simultaneous support for multiple languages and various platforms on existing or new displays such as Linux or Windows
  • Rest APIs: open interfaces for external system integrations
  • Compatible with EU law and directives TSI-PRM 2014
  • Content integration: easily combine content with commercials to increase your return of investment (RoI)

Customer-specific development

LANCom provides the development of customer-specific extensions to ensure seamless solution integration into your system.

LANCom offers the possibility of a free trial of the LANCom PIS software.

Support and services

LANCom advises and supports clients throughout the project, starting from project design and management, to implementation and final training.

The company also provides after-sales support once the system has been installed and deployed.

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    LANCom PIS© (Passenger Information System) provides up-to-date passenger information on train, bus, tram and metro timetables.

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