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On-Board Digital Technology and Services for the Transportation Sector

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JUXTA by Trolex | Aporta is a suite of innovative on-board wireless and streaming digital technology solutions that enables transport operators to deliver bespoke interactive entertainment, ordering and advertising offers directly to passengers’ devices.

The solution includes an advanced infotainment service with an integrated advertising platform, a patented luggage alert and tracking system, in-seat ordering, seat-reservation systems and more.

Mobile internet access and monetisation solutions for rail applications

With JUXTA, you can enable rail passengers to access the on-board internet and set a limit on complementary data usage.

Trolex | Aporta specialises in on-board digital solutions for the rail industry.
JUXTA allows passengers to access on-board internet.
Our platform hosts a wide range of infotainment such as audiobooks, magazines and television.
JUXTA delivers on-board advertising directly to a passenger’s device or the train’s onboard screens.
Our CCTV services enhance on-board passenger comfort and safety.
The JUXTA Luggage Alert System reassures passengers that valuable luggage and belongings are safe and secure.

The suite also enables customer service interaction, journey progress information and revenue generation opportunities through advertising, special-offer purchases and deals.

Passengers can purchase a range of fixed data packages with assured bandwidth minimums that generate valuable revenue streams that can be used to subsidise the service.

On-board infotainment, supply and digital rights management

We work with the world’s leading content producers, including major Hollywood studios and a wide range of major and niche content distributors, to create an exciting and engaging infotainment selection for the transportation sector.

We offer an extensive array of vlogs, international and local TV, digital newspapers, magazines, audiobooks and podcasts, and content is directly delivered to users’ devices through JUXTA’s browser application.

Advertising sourcing and platform management

JUXTA allows you to deliver adverts and destination-related offers to passengers through their mobile devices or on installed screens via state-of-the-art transportation advertising technology.

An experienced and worldwide media sales network that will generate valuable revenue streams can enable you to run digital advertising campaigns across your fleet.

Mobile ticketing, yield management, seat reservation and finder solutions

Passengers’ experience can be enhanced by allowing them to choose the exact seat they prefer. JUXTA’s Seat Reservation and patented Seat Finder systems do just that.

Available as a standalone system or fully integrated with your back office, it can be customised to your exact requirements.

Retail and in-seat ordering solutions

Our platform provides your passengers with the latest in-seat food and drinks menu and ordering system, direct to your galley team and increases your revenue.

Orders go directly to galley staff, who prepares refreshments to bring to passenger, while online payments with credit and debit cards remove the need for cash handling.


Luggage tracking alerts

The JUXTA Luggage Alert System is designed to reassure passengers that their valuable luggage and belongings are where they are meant to be, optimising comfort and safety.

Servers, routers and WAP supply systems for the rail sector

Trolex | Aporta offers a range of rail-certified hardware on either a long-term lease-rental or purchase basis.

Our hardware portfolio includes servers, routers and wireless application protocol (WAP) supply solutions.

Portable hardware such as our own patented unit manufactured in-house can quickly deliver a world-class service with minimal installation.

CCTV and rail passenger safety services

JUXTA’s CCTV and digital passenger-alert services give reassurance to passengers that they are protected and that your staff will respond in appropriate circumstances.

The system automatic diverts signal in the event of an incident and tags alert-button presses to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all passengers.

Software and service consultancy services

Our extensive transport industry experience enables us to offer bespoke development of digital services and products to address new and existing business challenges for all premium transportation brands.

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