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Rugged Mobile Access Router for Rolling Stock

Via F.lli Solari, 3/A,
33020 AMARO (Udine),

The DuraMAR 2150 model is an integrated, rugged, mobile IP router designed for net-centric operations in metro and over ground rolling stock, which provides mobile high speed Internet access to passengers on board metro and trains along the entire routes. Through a MAR it is possible in fact to stay always connected to a network from a vehicle while moving.

Router for multiple network channels

DuraMAR infrastructure exploits wireless diversity (e.g. channel diversity, network diversity and technology diversity) to provide improved data performance for wireless data users. Our system design stems from the observation that rather than choosing a single wireless service provider, a single technology (e.g. GSM/ GPRS, UMTS / HSDPA, CDMA, 802.11, WiMax, satellite) or a single wireless channel, users can obtain significant benefits by using the multiplicity of choices available without loosing data in transitions.

DuraMAR dynamically creates new channels based on traffic demand, aggregates the bandwidth and dynamically shifts load from poor quality to better quality channels providing a faster, more stable and reliable communication channel.

Bandwidth-balancing mobile access router

The DuraMAR system consists primarily of the mobile access router, which performs bandwidth balancing across multiple network wide-area wireless interfaces to exploit the diversity available from different wireless networks to provide a faster, smoother and more reliable wireless channel.

Transparent TCP, UDP or application-based protocol enhancements

When used in conjunction with a MAR server proxy located in the wired infrastructure the communication channel can be further optimized to provide transparent TCP, UDP or application-based protocol enhancements, also allowing remote diagnostics and monitoring from a control room.

Leveraging Cisco Systems’ industry standard IOS software and 3200 series mobile access routing (MAR) technology and the Eurotech-embedded Linux wireless communication controller, the DuraMAR router is a ready-to-use product that enables prime contractors and system integrators to achieve mobile communications-on-the-move (COTM). It also provides a wide range of new in-vehicle networking applications, from wireless Internet access to voice over IP (VoIP), passenger Wi-Fi services to streaming video surveillance and smart vehicle diagnostics / maintenance.

On-board stand-alone GPRS modem

The DuraMAR 2150 model has a compact design with minimal dimensions making it ideal for in-train installations; it is also compliant with railway standards. The Eurotech mobile access router also has an on-board stand-alone GPRS modem, for diagnostics. This modem can be used as an ‘alternate’ way for connecting with the HSDPA controller without limiting bandwidth to passengers and is also available to force some reset actions on the controller by using SMS messaging. In this way the customer can save money by remotely maintaining and monitoring the device.

The DuraMAR 2150 is particularly well suited for demanding train-borne applications where the operational reliability and integrated structure are required. This rugged router is designed to meet shock, vibration, humidity, safety and protection standards of IP65, EN50155, EN61373, as well as radiated and conducted EMI / EMC levels and immunity of EN50121.

This independent wireless interface enables remote access to the systems hardware modules such as the embedded PC, wireless router interfaces as well as the CISCO router. SNMP protocols can be used for primary router communication.

The unit’s purpose-built power supply supports the standard 110VDC nominal train feeder voltage inputs, spikes, and transient levels. LED status indicators for power, system and modem status, as well as SIM card holders, two console interfaces and a USB port for maintenance of the controller, are located on the front panel under a sealed service panel.

The system is conductively cooled and the anodized chassis eliminates all moving parts and incorporates four M4 jam nuts for simple installation.

Complete and flexible train wireless network

By adopting the DuraMAR 2150, it is possible to create a complete and flexible wireless network that provides mobile high-speed Internet access to passengers.

This offers the advantage of reducing dead zones while travelling and by doing so allows passengers to use their time in a more profitable way, increasing the range of services offered by the public transport agencies.

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