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Alere Healthcare Connections, formerly Healthcare Connections, operates a nationwide service specialising in industry-related medicals, preventative health schemes, health surveillance programmes, medical consultancy and expert drug and alcohol screening services.

The company has a specialist rail industry knowledge, which has been bolstered by providing a continued occupational health service to Network Rail, from 2003 to present. Clients include the Rail Safety and Standards Board, train operating companies and more than 800 infrastructure businesses.

Rail medical services

The Alere Healthcare Connections’ medical team, led by one of the UK’s leading rail specialist occupational health physicians, offers clients a full range of ‘off-the-shelf’ medical assessments and can design bespoke medicals tailored to your requirements. Services range from basic health checks to extensive executive medicals. Examples include competence specific medical fitness, for example PTS, COSS, IWA and Signallers / Crossing Keepers, train driver & train movement, pre-employment and periodic, LUL medicals and Crossrail medical screening.

Health surveillance / screening

Conducting regular medicals clearly goes some way to ensure employees are fit for work. However, companies should also be looking at the importance of ongoing health surveillance in line with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and associated job risks. We provide medicals and screens which include HAVS surveillance, lead testing, working at height / night, lung-function testing, noise exposure andskin assessments (list not exhaustive).

Our medical professionals offer a wide range of medical assessments from basic to more extensive, state-of-the-art health screening.
Taking a proactive approach to health surveillance can signpost the early signs of ill health caused by substances and hazards at work.
Experienced and highly professional, the Alere Healthcare Connections team offer a variety of cost-effective medical and screening services at locations to suit you.
Chemist-on-call enables your team to check whether any medication they are taking would render them unfit for duty.
Nurses-on-call helps you improve attendance and reduce associated absence costs.
Wellbeing programmes can reduce sickness absence, enhance productivity and contribute to increased staff morale.

Occupational health

Alere Healthcare Connections believe in occupational health that carefully examines the way in which health and work are interacting. By implementing innovative monitoring programmes and preventative measures, this approach limits the impact of the working environment before it causes harm, risk or hazard. A varied range of occupational health services ensure your HSE obligations are met as well as your annual Link-up audit. Where referrals are necessary, services of occupational health physicians or other appropriate occupational health specialists are provided.

Medication checking service

Chemist-on-call is a unique medication checking service designed for any business that needs to ensure employees are not suffering from adverse side effects of medication whilst at work. Even seemingly trivial side effects, such as feeling dizzy or drowsy, could lead to accidents, particularly dangerous for those with safety critical duties, machinery operators, persons working at height or needing to drive for their job role.

The service is operated by a team of specialist Pharmacists, Nurses, Occupational Health Physicians and Medical Administrators with instant advice provided via an online database, backed up by a call centre service. Employees are required to declare and check with the Chemist-on-call service any medication they are taking, and the outcome will be communicated within one hour.

Absence management solutions

Nurses-on-call is a unique absence management system, providing instant and detailed absence reporting. It tracks and reviews absences to effectively manage and reduce time lost. The impact of absences on operations is minimised leading to improved productivity, and proactively identifies health risks before they escalate into costly, time consuming problems.

Employee health and wellbeing programmes

Companies are realising that good employee health management reduces sickness absence, enhances productivity and contributes to increased staff morale. Our Employee Wellbeing Programmes are an innovative way to get employees engaged in their health and wellbeing at work, inspiring a healthier workforce.

Mini-health checks look at key areas for health and wellness concern, such as blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, waist circumference, cardiovascular health risk, glucose. Wellbeing Days/Health Fairs can be tailored to your requirements, with a nurse providing various health assessments and guidance on wellbeing, lifestyle and general health information. Tool Box Health Talks deliver user-friendly presentations and open forums on any health topic, for instance induction health & safety, sun safety at work, giving up smoking etc.

Drug and alcohol screening services

Following an incident or accident, the Alere Healthcare Connections’ ‘For Cause’ service guarantees arrival onsite within 2 hours*, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sample results are typically available within 24 hours of arrival at the laboratory.

For an even faster turnaround, a premium ‘For Cause’ service features a dedicated courier and priority analysis, ensuring that screening results are with you within a matter of hours.

* in all but the most remote locations

Periodic and pre-placement

This service supplies screening to work in line with your recruitment process to establish candidate suitability prior to employment. Periodic screening ensures you are caring for the ongoing health of your employees and is a key requirement in certain safety critical industries. Medical professionals can attend onsite to you to perform quick and easy screenings, or individuals can attend one of the Alere Healthcare Connections’ medical rooms nationwide.

Random and unannounced testing

Random and unannounced drug and alcohol screening provides a business with an easy and fair way to monitor employees for the use of banned substances whilst at work. We assist in policy development and implementation, and subsequently manage all aspects of this programme for you.

Nationwide medical centres

Our medical centres are conveniently situated in strategic locations throughout the UK. Alternatively, services can be brought onsite to your location. For remote areas, or where onsite facilities are limited or unavailable, mobile screening units can provide the perfect answer.

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