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Rail Vehicle HVAC Equipment, Door Systems and Pneumatic Components

1372 Enterprise Drive,
Goshen Corporate Park,
West Chester, PA 19380,
United States of America
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From its West Chester, Pennsylvania headquarters Westcode designs and manufactures its Door and HVAC products to meet the specification and requirements of ALL of the major rail vehicle manufacturers with facilities in North America.

Westcode has manufacturing plants in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Binghamton, New York and in the United Kingdom.

All of our products are built to the highest standards of quality in terms of both reliability and maintainability, using the most modern technology, and techniques.

In North America, Westcode Incorporated provides three (3) integrated product groups for the railway industry. These groups consist of the following:

Amtrak – Westcode’s door and HVAC products meet the requirements of ALL of the major rail vehicle manufacturers with facilities in North America.
Ankara Metro.
San Francisco’s BART.
Washington Metro.


This product group provides door controls and operators for rail vehicles, as well as for platform edge applications. The door operators themselves can take the form of electro-pneumatic or electric motor driven devices.

Dependent on the particular customer requirements the operator itself can be configured for floor, waist or overhead installation.


This product group provides environmental comfort systems for rail vehicles applications. A full range of equipment is offered for applications which may be DC powered directly or AC powered from on-board generator/inverter supply.

The system can be configured as a split system, a duplex system or a module system. Each system application is packaged for the customer’s specific needs.


A dedicated team of specialists in AllPart are responsible for aftermarket services making extended product life a cost-effective option. Both in the provision of quality spares and total refurbishment programs AllPart utilizes experience in Brakes and Air Supply Systems in addition to Westcode’s core businesses: Air Conditioning and Door Systems.

Westcode Incorporated maintains a close working relationship with our customers throughout the life cycle of the equipment/systems to monitor its in-service performance. This approach provides a feedback channel for disseminating actual in-service performance information throughout the organization to ensure the highest level of product developments that are directed to satisfying customer needs and enhancing vehicle operation.


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1372 Enterprise Drive
Goshen Corporate Park
West Chester, PA 19380
United States of America

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