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Air Conditioning Systems

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Established in 1985, Trans Elektro is active in the development, assembly and sales of air conditioning systems for mobile applications. Trans Elektro imports industrial air conditioning components, which are used in transport and industry (crane building, special machines, railway, shipping industry, government).

Our product range is very comprehensive, as Trans Elektro not only imports but also develops and assembles a number of products. This flexible approach enables Trans Elektro to anticipate and respond quickly to the needs of the market.

Mobile air conditioning

Most cabins nowadays are advanced technical constructions fitted with large areas of glass, so that the driver has a wide all-round view. This improves safety, but even in weak sunlight, the cabin temperature can easily rise to 30°C, especially when the working conditions do not allow the windows or doors of the cabin to be opened.

Trans Elektro can provide the optimum air conditioning for your vehicle or machine.

Roofmounted driver's cab air conditioning unit on a Bombardier Tram. Complete system can be exchanged in two hours to limit service time.
One of the strong points of Trans Elektro is that we are able to develop on clients' request; even in an after-market situation where we have to work with limited space we can offer our clients a tailor-made solution.
Integrated driver cab air conditioning unit for Dutch Rail Mat '64.
Filter system in use at a crane to protect the crane driver in a polluted area.
There is no limit in solutions for mobile applications, in this case people inside the cabin are protected by our filtersystem.

Our professional advice on the choice of the correct system for you is based on years of experience in all aspects of mobile air conditioning. What is more, we have the people, the know-how and the equipment to offer you the best all-round service.


Trans Elektro has its own warehouse for specific products from which we supply throughout Europe.

Sales channels

Trans Elektro products are channelled mainly through local importers, distributors and dealers. Assembly, installation and service are also handled locally, allowing the highest level of technical know-how and practical support to be maintained.


The flexibility offered by Trans Elektro guarantees fast development of products together with robust design, backed up by our ISO 9001-quality system.

Air conditioning and filtering projects

Besides air conditioning for train and tram, Trans Elektro specialises in filtration and pressurization systems and air conditioning for mobile applications such as diggers, trucks and agricultural vehicles.

When it comes to air conditioning or air filtering, every customer has specific requirements. As a flexible company, Trans Elektro can respond to these needs and translate them into tailor-made solutions. Here are just a few of the projects we have carried out:

  • Dutch Rail – over 560 units supplied from 1997 onwards to modernise the Mat ’64
  • Rotterdam Electric Tram – 142 units were not only supplied but also mounted in 1999 to keep the driver comfortable
  • AVR waste disposal – employees of this big waste disposal plant are being secured by our BroAir filter systems
  • Dutch Marine Corps – during their mission in Eritrea the Dutch Marines kept cool with our equipment in their vehicles
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