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Railway Connectors and Quick Release Couplings

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Railway Connectors and Quick Release Couplings

An expert manufacturer of high-quality quick-release couplings for more than 50 years, Stäubli has developed connection solutions specific to the railway industry, offering connection solutions for all types of trains, locomotives and trams.

Our products encompass all applications and types of fluids, compressed air, hydraulics, cooling systems, fill and drain, and electrical power, as well as customised connection solutions, all designed to resist the most demanding mechanical and climatic conditions.

Operating on a global scale, we can participate in the coordination of all major international projects with your subcontractors and integrator sites. Directly in contact with you in all countries, our sales team will bring you the appropriate solution for your applications to meet your exact specifications.

Compressed air connections for trains and trams

Stäubli’s compressed air connection solutions for the railway industry include quick-release couplings for a wide range of applications, such as body-to-bogie and interbody, pneumatic connections for braking circuits, suspension, sandboxes, wheel flange lubrication and main circuits, all designed for optimum performance and long-term durability.

Full-flow GPL for compressed air breaking circuits.
Test points for compressed air circuits.
Multi couplings solutions for railway vehicles.
Pneumatic and hydraulic connections; these flexible hoses meet the specific requirements for railway vehicles.
Clean-break quick release couplings for hydraulic connections SPI.
Quick release couplings for cooling circuits.
Non-spill self-aligning couplings CGO and CGD.

Pressure point and levelling valves for compressed air

Stäubli offers a wide range of quick-release couplings for pressure point and levelling tests on passenger and freight rolling stock, with special connection solutions for consistently accurate measurement and effective control of crucial circuits.

Thermal management and air conditioning for trains

Stäubli quick release couplings offer innovative connection solutions for cooling on-board electronic equipment, engines and transformers, as well as filling and draining. Our ongoing dedication to meeting the changing needs of the railway industry has resulted in couplings for all types of fluids, including glycol water, heat transfer oils and esters.

Hydraulic connections in trains and trams

For the connection of hydraulic brake circuits, hydraulic tilting circuits, brake calipers, pressure accumulators and hydraulic pressure units, Stäubli has developed quick release couplings with very high resistance to mechanical stress and difficult conditions. Featuring clean break non-spill design, our hydraulic connection solutions also offer an environmentally sound alternative.

Non-spill self-aligning couplings CGO and CGD

Non-spill flush faces technology guarantee that no pollution enters the circuits on connection:

  • Appropriate sealing solutions allows CGO and CGD range to be compatible with the majority of fluide and to cover a large range of temperatures
  • Non-drip to ensure cleanliness and safety of installations and operators.
  • On disconnection the circuits close automatically, thanks to the double shut-off of CGO and CGD couplings:
    • No contamination of environment from fluid loss
    • Especially suitable for electrical and high voltage environment.

CGO and CGD are designed to compensate and allow ‘blind’ coupling.

Stäubli Connectors
Place Robert Stäubli
74210 Faverges