NIBE Railway Components is a cooperative between companies within the NIBE Element group, one of three areas of NIBE Industrier which is  a global company with 5,500 employees that creates world-class solutions in sustainable energy.

NIBE Railway Components has accumulated 60 years of competence and experience in providing heating technologies and technical solutions for rail infrastructure and rolling stock.

We supply components and intelligent systems, IT technology and traffic management to the railway industry, including:

  • Switch point heating systems
  • Safety transformers
  • Electrical heating elements for railway tracks
  • Remote monitoring software
  • De-icing overhead contact wire
  • Power and brake resistors
  • Technical heating solutions
  • Air duct heaters
  • Body side heating for cars

Switch point heating systems

Railway infrastructures still encounter numerous problems due to cold and moist winter weather conditions, with snow and ice freezing switch points. These problems can easily be reduced with System Blue Point from SAN, a complete, efficient and cost-saving switch point heating system that can secure reliable railway traffic through switch points in severe winter weather conditions.

NIBE Railway components has 60 years experience of sustainable electrical heating systems. We offer a wide range of eco-designed components and heating systems for rolling stock and infrastructure.
Reduce loss of time, patience, confidence and travellers during severe winter conditions with system Blue Point for switch point heating and weather monitoring.
SAN switch point heating elements allow an optimum heat transfer and unavoidable linear extension of the heating element, which offer a secure and sustainable investment.
We offer compact encapsulated resistors, wirewound resistors, rheostats and liquid cooled resistors for technical solutions.
Our commitment to innovation offers compact, low-weight heating and air-condition systems for coaches which meet all relevant standards.

Heat control and weather monitoring units

We offer heating solutions for the future – maximizing the efficiency and minimising the energy consumption of our switch point heating systems with our state of the art control units, which control heat and monitor the weather situation, saving up to 85% energy compared to simple thermostat controlled systems.

Remote monitoring software and online supervision for heating systems

Our online supervision and monitoring software can provide a full overview of all stations, tracks and critical installations. Users can manage individual control settings down to each station, monitor local weather conditions from a distance and instruct individual switches to heat, as well as get instant alerts upon heating failure, saving important time and maintenance costs.

Power and brake resistors

NIBE Railway Components’ Danotherm supply dynamic brake resistors, harmonics filter resistors, grounding resistors, rheostats for instrument light dimming, liquid cooled power resistors, capacitor pre-charging, balancing and discharging resistors according to individual design requirements.

Air duct heaters for air-conditioning and vestibule heating in railway coaches

Our CE-marked air duct heaters offer a wide range of airflows for fast warm-up of coaches. They are easy to install if you choose to have them supplied with cables and customized electrical interface connectors. We are optimizing our air duct heaters with permanent weight management development and follow all relevant European standards.

Body side heating for passenger coaches

High-quality body side heating systems of traditional tubular elements or low-weight aluminium heaters offer you heat-efficient solutions that are supplied for either radiant or self-convection heating, with temperature control.

We also offer flexible foil in silicone, mica and PVC. We put high value into constantly testing our products, improving performance and securing the supply of sustainable heating solutions.