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Cooling, Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems for Trains

Elite develops and designs air-conditioning, HVAC or heating systems for trains and trams, in particular meeting the challenges of designing air-conditioning systems for drivers' cabs.

Elite House, Sandy Way,
Amington Industrial Estate,
B77 4DS Other,
United Kingdom

Elite develops and designs air-conditioning, HVAC or heating systems for trains and trams, in particular meeting the challenges of designing air-conditioning systems for drivers’ cabs.

We recognise that each project is different, each cab layout unique and each set of requirements individual. Our engineering design department therefore ensures that difficult and unusual installations can be addressed and solved with innovative thinking.

Elite has the ability to supply low-volume, high-performance solutions at realistic costs.

HVAC systems for trains

Elite’s HVAC systems for trains are designed and developed to fit in with space and power restrictions, as well as comply with the rail standards and demands of the train industry. Working in partnership with the customer from initial concept through to the finished product, we use computer-aided design (CAD) to turn the virtual component into reality.

Tooling is manufactured directly from CAD models, thus avoiding prototype tool costs. Elite projects are controlled using timing plans and project meetings.

Using rapid prototype methods, the design can be validated prior to cutting tooling. Rapid prototype parts can also be used for performance testing prior to final sign-off by the customer.

Custom HVAC systems for trains

Each HVAC system is designed for the train and the environment in which it must operate. Attention to detail and performance testing on systems and components ensure the highest standards are achieved and delivered.

Electrical rail vehicle HVAC and air-conditioning systems

Elite’s range of rail vehicle HVAC and air-conditioning systems can be powered by 24VDC, 300VDC, single-phase AC or three-phase AC systems, or other voltages as required. This range of power options gives you the flexibility needed for specialist applications delivering robust and proven heating and cooling solutions.

We have experience working in partnership with rail vehicle designers and manufacturers to supply equipment for OEM systems, as well as adaptations and upgrades.

Rail vehicle heating, cooling and air-conditioning specialists

With rail transportation being a positive environmental option, Elite can deliver the innovative thinking and industrial design to ensure that travelling by rail for drivers, passengers, livestock and even cargo can be improved through controlled air temperature and flow.

Elite can offer specific solutions to the full range of rail vehicles, from commuter and regional trains, metros, light rail, high-speed trains and locomotives through to automated people movers.

Our air-conditioning design and technical innovation enable optimal operational performance of rail vehicles, with the highest levels of reliability, environmental performance and cost-efficiency. Elite offers you customised solutions with proven technology from experienced engineers.

Working in partnership with train companies directly, and through consultants and turnkey partners, Elite Automotive meets requirements and approvals to deliver the results demanded. Our systems meet all relevant rail standards, for example GE/RT8015 (EMC), GM/RT2100 (structural) and GM/RT2120 (fire hazards).

Elite also provides:

  • Full prototype workshop with CNC milling machine
  • Climatic test chamber with 24-channel data logging
  • Full calibration to +50°C with 1,200W/m² solar loading
  • Access to full vibration and EMC testing equipment